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Working Lunches - Veggie, Vegan, Healthy And Not A Sarnie in Sight

Lately I've been trying to reclaim my lunch break (lunch hour may be pushing it but unless you're a brain surgeon you can probably stop what you're doing for twenty minutes for lunch). Food is an important part of the day and eating a sad sandwich while reading work emails is neither joyous nor satisfying. Since making an effort to take a lunch break I've definitely felt more productive in the afternoons and the 4pm slump is a rare occurrence rather than a daily struggle.

Working in central London there is so much choice for a quick lunch. I don't understand how some of my colleagues eat the same Pret baguette every day! Here are some of my favourite lunch spots - not a sad sandwich in sight!


I never used to be a soup fan but Nusa's soups are amazing - so flavoursome and filling. The menu changes weekly so there's always something new to try and everything is clearly marked as to whether its dairy free, gluten free, veggie or vegan. The soups come with a side of brown rice or homemade bread and toppings of your choice - the perfect lunch for chilly days (yes, even in August).

Locations: Old Street, Cannon Street and Old Broadstreet and online here


Leon is an old favourite for a healthy and tasty lunch. I tried the new super clean vegan quinoa salad which is as yummy as it is #trendy sounding. I also love the green shake and the rice boxes for a more substantial lunch and the breakfasts are great, too. Oh, and there's a loyalty card where you get a free brownie once you've completed all the stamps.

Locations: too many to list - all are here


Sushi is everywhere these days but it's variable at best in London - don't even get me started on supermarket sushi (aside from Waitrose's which is good). NiHaw does a great selection of brown rice sushi which I prefer these days and also does brown rice bowls and miso soup - there's never a big queue and the sushi is reduced after 5.30pm so its perfect for a lazy dinner, too.

Locations: Ludgate Circus and Cannon Street and online here

Hummus Bros

Falafel is one of my all time favourite foods - I could eat it every day and did just that at Glastonbury last year. Having had a bit of a falafel break lately I had a lunchtime craving for it last week and so popped into Hummus Bros for a falafel and quinoa box (seriously, what did we eat before quinoa was a thing?!). The falafel were hot and perfectly crispy and the hummus boxes here are so good, too, and there are loads of veggie and vegan options - the website is really helpful for sorting out any dietary requirements.

Locations - Holborn, St Pauls and Exmouth Market and online here


Branches of Wasabi are everywhere in London - I don't visit that often as the queues are always crazy and I'm always tempted by the not-as-healthy options but Fridays need sushi and this spicy chirashi bowl hit the spot.

Locations: lots! Online here.


Another London lunchtime staple - you can't really miss their yellow signage in the city. I love the Potsu rice pots for chilly days and the sushi is great, too. Everything is calorie-counted and it does all feel very health-focused. There are low-carb boxes, veggie options, protein pots and the last half hour of the day is "happy hour" where everything in the fridges is half price - this makes me far happier than it should do! Although be warned - I've had city men snatch boxes of half price sushi from the shelves just as I've been about to pick one up in the past.

Locations: again, there are too many but online here.

What are your favourite working lunches?



  1. Loved this! It's so true, Pret & EAT are not the only options for lunches... my favourite chain is probably Pod, their food is delish and really has an emphasis on healthy alternatives. Otherwise, as I'm lucky enough to work on Leather Lane, I have a number of little independent faves! Kin do a great Thai takeaway option for £5 which is super filling and perfect for one of those days where you just want comfort food. There's also a fab mediterranean build-your-own salad place just opposite my work - they do an excellent tuna and veggie mix as well as all sorts of lentil or hot food options. So good!!


  2. It's amazing that you have all that choice! I love Leon when I visit London, and Newcastle has only recently got Pret, so it's still quite a novel thing for me!

  3. Abokado is fab too! I love their schraps (nori wrapped around rice and filling... but a decent size) and their chocolate shortbread is pretty good for naughty days as well ;)

    Persephone -

  4. I do love a good Leon, I've been meaning to try Hummus Bros for ages - looks delicious! I'm not the biggest fan of Wasabi or Itsu, the sushi doesnt do it for me!! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. God I'm so jealous of how many cool places you have for lunch! In Basingstoke we have Greggs, Subway, Dominoes and Tesco!! *sighs* But it does force me to make my own lunch rather than spend lots of money all the time I suppose...I just make up for it at the weekend ;-)

  6. I love Leon! Need to try the quinoa salad soon!

    My Sentimental Heart



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