Sunday, 2 August 2015

July Round-Up

Another month over - and we're now over half way through the year. The weather lately hasn't been amazing but most of July really felt like summer - I hope we have a few more weeks of that left because I'm definitely in need of more al fresco G&Ts and none of my best memories involve wearing a coat or have grey rainy skies as a backdrop.

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1. Wimbledon fortnight is always a highlight of my summer. The men's final watched on a big screen at Canary Wharf was the perfect ending - even if I was supporting Federer.

2. A quiet spot at the Barbican Centre for a morning walk. I love the lighter mornings.

3. Brunch at Granger & Co - a local favourite. The ricotta hot cakes were amazing.

4. My tickets for Hamlet arrived! #Cumberbitch

5. A day at the Foodies Festival in Ally Pally where my friend T took this photo.

6. Despite not running much recently I got a PB in the Blackheath Race For Life 10k - next target is sub-1-hour and to get back into regular runs.

7. I've been attending the Shoreditch Sisters bookclub and its so nice to take a break from real life and chat about books for an hour. Our meeting venue, Long White Cloud, does the best cakes.

8. Browsing the Barbican gift shop. This one has my name all over it.

9. A BBQ on the roof of the Queen of Hoxton. My first BBQ as a veggie (well, pescatarian really but I hate saying that word and spell check doesn't seem to like it either) - I went off meat earlier this year and no, I haven't missed it.

10. Browsing the Haus Kat market on Brick Lane.

11. Pizza at Attilios in Clerkenwell (a tiny Italian that's been there for so long it doesn't have a website).

12. Using my Smartsun bands - see, we do get sun in London.

13. Scones at the Barbican cafe - I'm sad that this spot is currently closed in order to be taken over by a chain, it does the best cakes at the moment and I hope that doesn't change.

14. Istu's happy hour is worth timing your work leaving time perfectly for.

15. Had my hair trimmed so that it doesn't look like a mess for wedding season. I'm torn between wanting long long hair again or just wanting to cut it all off.

16. Rooftop drinks overlooking the city.

Also this month -
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It's holiday season so let's try to keep that zen while flying
I volunteered at Lovebox and got my festival fix for free
A day off and a visit to one of my favourite bakeries

How was your July?



  1. Whenever I cut my hair off I end up wishing it was long but then I get annoyed at how much effort it takes to do in the morning when it's long! A no win situation!

  2. nice roundup! Looked like a great month for you!



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