Friday, 7 August 2015

Airplane Mode: Flying In Style

Being a somewhat "frequent flyer" these days and with the summer holiday season in full swing I thought I'd share some of my tips for stylish flying (deep breaths, it'll be worth it when you get there). I just got back from a long weekend in Lisbon for my friend S's wedding and this is how I travelled happily:

First up, hand luggage. For a short trip I pack a small suitcase and a separate smaller bag for all my essentials. Most airlines let you take two bags on board but do check this handy table on hand luggage allowances because it differs between airlines. Taking just cabin baggage will save you so much time and for a short break you don't need five pairs of shoes and seven lipsticks. I hate carrying things and this makes me ruthless! Roll, don't fold clothes, take clothes that can be mixed and matched together and only take things you know you'll wear.

In-flight essentials:

- passport / boarding pass - obviously! I usually just download my boarding pass onto Passbook on my iPhone which makes life super easy. Take print outs of any booking confirmations and if you're travelling to the EU make sure you take your EHIC card for free health care.

 - a scarf for keeping warm or using as a pillow on the plane. I take a bright one that I can use when at my destination, too. This one doubles as a sarong and has pineapples on it - its from John Lewis but annoyingly isn't on the website.

- sunglasses to put on the instant you arrive - I usually pack a cheaper pair for a short break so that I don't have to worry about losing them.

- snacks - budget airlines won't provide any food and you don't want to be tempted by (expensive) rubbish. Remember that liquids over 100ml aren't allowed on board so you can't take your own smoothies but energy bars and bites are ideal - just wrap in foil and pack so that you're sorted for in-flight snacking. Recipe for these apple and apricot bites coming soon!

- Energen C sachets - planes are literally flying germ machines, these sachets can be mixed with water to create an immune-boosting drink, I always pack them for holidays.

- Kindle - I use flights to catch-up on my reading, having no phone signal means I don't get distracted by Instagram and can actually crack on with my book club reads.

- Toiletries - again, remember the 100ml rule and that all of your products must fit into a 20cm x 20cm ziplock bag. I take hand cream as flying is so dehydrating, hand sanitiser (see above re germs - the Bath & Body works ones are the cutest going) and this Organic Pharmacy mini cleanser, lip balm and moisturiser set which is free with Elle also came along for the ride.

- Lastly, once I'm through security I buy a big bottle of water from Boots to take on the flight to stay hydrated. You can take liquids bought after security onto the plane but remember if you're not checking a bag on the way home the 100ml rule will apply.

Outfit - comfort is key for flying. For a short flight I wear something that I can layer up for in the UK and then also wear when I arrive. This H&M maxi dress is so comfortable and doesn't crease - adding a belt and denim jacket which is perfect for on the plane and for evenings abroad made me feel just stylish enough at 6am! Wearing a bulkier item saves having to pack it too. I always wear flats as airports often involve loads of walking and unless you're Victoria Beckham heels have no place in one.

At the airport - resist the allure of the bar or the indulgent breakfast - save the treats for when you're on holiday! There are loads of healthy options these days for a pre-flight meal - I flew from Stanstead which has an Itsu and Pret is always a great option for something quick and healthy. Blueberry porridge and a giant green tea started the day off in the right way and meant I could save my "naughty" allowance for a custard tart in Lisbon!

There is really no better feeling than coming into land. Hopefully these tips will help you fly smoothly and stylishly!

What are your top travel tips?



  1. Great tips for travel dear, kisses <3 Loved your dress <3

  2. Love this! Lily, you really are one stylish flyer!

    - Elodie x

  3. This is very organised! I LOVE that maxi dress, comfy layers are definitely key for flying :)

    Maria xxx

  4. I'm all about rolling clothes instead of folding them. And shoving underwear into shoes! My standard flying outfit is leggings, baggy jumper and trainers. Don't care what I look like when I'm on a plane, comfort is so key. As for resisting the indulgent airport breakfast, I definitely don't do that. I stuff my face no matter what time I'm arriving!


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