Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Barbican - Station To Station - 19.07.15

I'm always looking for fun free things to do so when I heard about the Barbican's Station to Station event (or "happening" as they call it) I couldn't wait to pop along. Unfortunately (or fortunately, actually) all of my weekends in July so far have been really busy so Sunday was my first opportunity to visit. With over 100 events taking place over the course of the month, no two days are the same and I had no idea what to expect. The "happenings" take place around the Barbican Arts Centre - it's a great way to explore and there are loads of helpful staff members to point you in the right direction.

Making art out of a daily ritual - toast! AVM Curiosities hosted a toast making session - armed with a Victorian toasting fork, we moved around  table making toast and then stencilling a literary quote about toast in chocolate and cinnamon - yum! I haven't made toast for about 5 years so it was good to remember that a toaster is a marvellous invention that does toast both sides of the bread at once.... Doing something as mundane as making toast with total strangers in an art gallery was definitely a conversation starter and I love this quote from Oryx And Crake (Margaret Atwood) "Toast was a ritual item devoured by fetishists in the belief that it would enhance their kinetic and sexual powers". I'll never think of a humble slice of toast in the same way...
I was lucky to catch a live session at 2pm - Olaf Breuning's Smoke Installation looked awesome as it turned the air on the lakeside terrance into multicoloured smoke. Five minutes later and it was all over, gone in a puff of smoke as it were... 
The Curve gallery is playing host to Aaron Koblin and Ben Tricklebanks's Light Echoes for the duration of Station to Station, three yurts with different colour schemes - I loved the white "honeymoon suit" yurt in the sculpture court. The Station to Station deckchairs were perfect for chilling in the sunshine and the bleakness of this poster in the art gallery caught my eye - I almost purchased it I could maybe do with something more cheery for my flat.

Station to Station runs until the 26th July so there's still plenty of time to check it out. I'll definitely be back as there are evening events going on too and all of the events are free (although you may not be as lucky as me to get a free snack too!).

Have you visited the Barbican Centre?



  1. You find the best things to do in London Lily!

  2. This sounds so interesting! I agree with Sophie, you DO find the best things to do in London! x

    Christina - http://xtinagsays.blogspot.co.uk


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