Friday, 31 July 2015

28: Birthday Wishlist

It's my birthday in...7 weeks so its right about time to start dropping some hints to the birthday fairy. Or just planning on what to treat myself to because that's the true joy of being a grown-up. I'll be 28 - my 18th birthday was a decade ago, how did that happen? Let's just talk presents instead:

late twenties birthday gift guide

I am building up a collection of cases for my iPhone 6 and this Marc Jacobs one makes a change from my colourful, cutesy cases. Needless to say, I'll be having several birthday gins and this cocoa gin sounds intriguing. A cute compact mirror for reapplying lipstick on the tube - the sort of essential item you'd never actually buy for yourself. I've just finished listening to the first Game of Thrones book on Audible and now I want to read all of them, in proper book form before I watch the series- I know that Mummy Lipstick will love them too (hint hint) and as much as I love my Kindle it has ruined the joy of passing on a good book. I've switched all of my jewellery to gold this year and love this Kate Spade watch. Pineapples will never get old for me and these earrings are beautiful. The ring is slightly more affordable! Quick and multi-tasking beauty products are my favourite and these Mac Casual Colour pots are so cute (Hi Jinks is my favourite shade but I couldn't find a swatch of that). Finally, as a secret glasses wearer - how cute is this ring for a grown up piece of costume jewellery?

What's your favourite?

(Hint to Mummy Lipstick - clink on the highlighted words to buy...)



  1. So many lovely things! Think the ring is my favourite <3 xxx

  2. OMG GoT is amazing. I read all the books and LOVED then. Reading them on the Kindle though might be easier (I read the actual books) as you get the "X-Ray" function which is handy when you forget who someone is (or what side they're on) as there are SO MANY characters. I almost needed to make myself a crib sheet of names...

  3. So many beautiful things on your list. The GoT book set is on my list too as we bought it for my sister in law for Christmas and she has been raving on about it since. I adore the series too!

  4. I'd like to read the GoT books. I'm afraid I didn't get into the series as much as everyone else did (sorry!) but there are a lot of characters, and I think if I were to read the books before watching the series again I would enjoy it a lot more.

  5. Adore the little compact mirror! And that pineapple ring/bangle! YAYYY for getting into GoT as well (: I'm still sad that my ASOIAF books are all mismatched as my Mum and I picked them up from different print editions. They look ridiculous on my bookshelf D: miss you much xx

  6. I like planning what I want for my birthday week's in advance too. I love that watch! Hope you get it.


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