Wednesday, 1 July 2015

June Round-Up

Summer is here, finally! I'm currently rejoicing at having packed away the black opaque tights until October and planning summertime adventures (as well as leaving time for spontaneity) because the days just feel so much longer and even with adult life not stopping for a summer break (if only) there's something about this time of year that just makes me happy.

1. Mummy Lipstick and I saw Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett perform at the Royal Albert Hall. As always, she looked awesome.

2. Breakfast in the sun at one of my favourite, The Modern Pantry. Buckwheat granola with almond milk.

3. June saw me say goodbye to an impacted wisdom tooth so obviously the night before surgery was a sushi party! It was actually far less horrific than Dr Google had me believe and I felt pretty much back to normal after a few days of taking it easy (season three of Orange could not have come at a better time).

4. Making banana ice cream (2 frozen bananas blended with a teaspoon of peanut butter) to make up for not being able to chew anything. I also made a chocolate version of this with a teaspoon of cacao but this someone looked less photogenic.

5. The tooth fairy bought me this golden pineapple candle (I used to get £1 for my baby teeth but inflation since then and the fact that a wisdom tooth is HUGE merited this). I believe the tooth fairy got it from M&S but this one is great, too.

6. Green smoothie. All hail the NutriBullet for still making veggie consumption possible when being unable to chew.

7. BST at Hyde Park for those festival vibes but still being able to go home and shower. Blur were awesome and shouting PARKLIFE while in Hyde Park was definitely a 2015 peak.

8. Sneaky gin in jam jar cocktail at BST before the heavens opened.

9. The Carsen Holler Decision exhibition at the Hayward Gallery is definitely worth a visit. I was disappointed in how many of the exhibits were interactive (resulting in massive queues) but its a fun exhibition and entering it through a pitch black winding tunnel and exiting via these slides made it worth the entry price.

10. Pink peppery smoothie using Florette peppery crispy leaves, a frozen banana, 5 frozen strawberries and almond milk as part of their #SaladSecrets campaign.

11. Making friendship bracelets to distract myself from not being able to chew.

12. Spinach and mint hummus dip - just a can of chickpeas, lemon juice, tahini, olive oil, a big handful of spinach and a few mint leaves blended in the NutriBullet - yum!

13. Whitecross Street Market in the sunshine and a bibimbap wrap from Bubble Wrap with a hazelnut milk matcha boba. Beats a sad desk lunch anyway and yay for being able to chew again!

14. Celebrating marriage equality with soap - super glittery and all for a good cause as part of Lush's All Out campaign. The bars are £4 each and smell amazing.

15. Caribbean veggie street food at Duke of York Square - lentil burger and all the colourful salads.

16. Meeting up with a group of bloggers over vegan tarts and tea at InSpiral in Camden made for a lovely Saturday afternoon. I always get super nervous at the idea of meeting new people but bloggers are always so easy to chat with and its so nice to actually meet in real life and not just in our little internet world!

Also this month:

- brunch at The Modern Pantry and Tart's Kitchen in one weekend? Yes please.
- I spent a weekend in beautiful Lisbon.
- There's still time to catch the Lights of Soho: City Lights exhibition.
- I'm running the Blackheath Race For Life 10k on Sunday, eek!
- Wimbledon has started and I blogged about a healthy tennis treat!

How was your June?



  1. Looks like a pretty delicious month! x

  2. Love these catch ups!
    Such bright and pretty pics, and the ice cream sounds yummy!

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