Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Running: Race For Life

Race for Life was one of the first running events I ever heard about, long before I even thought of starting running. This summer I'll be taking on my first Race for Life - the 10k race at Blackheath in London. I'm super excited to be adding another race to my running journey and to be supporting such an amazing cause.

Scottish Power very kindly sent me the giant green hand - it definitely put a smile on my face after a long Monday! I'll be joining the "High 5 Wave" to help raise £35,000 for Cancer Research UK to continue the charity's incredible research - research that can only carry on with help from donations.

The amazing thing about Race for Life is that there are races going on all over the UK. You can search for your nearest race here and there are options to suit everyone - whether you're an seasoned runner hoping to achieve a PB or if you're never run before and want to take on your first 5k. I'll be hoping to get a decent 10k time as after months of marathon training my speed could definitely do with some work but most of all I'll be hoping to have a fun day while raising awareness for a cause which is close to so many people's hearts. Running for me isn't about being the "best" or the "fastest", it's just about getting out there and achieving something (even if some days that something is just putting on your trainers and making it out the door) and if you can support a worthy cause at the same time then all the better!

race for life scottish power
Big Green Hand!
race for life scottish power
My t-shirt and "high 5 wave" pink glove.
race for life scottish power
Having your name on the race number is the best idea - always helps with motivation to hear strangers cheering for you!
You can sponsor me here and I'll be sure to update you all soon! I've posted a few times about my love for running so check out what it's like to run a marathon, what I pack in my race bag, unexpected benefits of running, running the Paris half marathon and what to wear.

Have you run a Race for Life?



  1. Those 10k will be a walk in the park after the marathon, but still, I can't believe you're running another race! You go, girl!

    - Elodie x

  2. How good you're running another race, good luck! I love the foam hand they sent you!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog


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