Monday, 1 June 2015

May Round-Up

Another month over. May got off to a slow start, trying to remember what I actually "did" with my life before weekends involved 20 mile runs and wondering whether I still had a social life left. I think I do and am trying to use the non-running time wisely - free time is so precious and I can't bear to waste a moment (although maintain that enjoyable time wasting is not "wasted time"). Planning and taking my trip to Vegas was a huge May highlight and then back to London where (aside from two long weekends to Lisbon) I'm staying put for the next few months, hoping to reacquaint myself with two of my favourite things - this city in the summertime and gin!

1 - 2. Exploring the Olympic Park at 8am. I was meant to be doing a yoga class at the Mittal Orbit but it was cancelled (yeah, the email went into my junk mail and I was none the wiser) and I was in Stratford at 8am and so made the best of the situation by scrambling up a climbing frame and re-living those weeks in 2012 when people were smiley and nice and forgot to be dicks to one another. Surely that was the best 2012 legacy?

3. Lunch from the Japan Centre - the best sushi in London.

4. The best pedicure I've ever had at Cowshed Spa Shoreditch House. Complete with SATC on retro-style TVs and a well-deserved treat for my post-marathon feet. Although investing in decent trainers meant that I made it through 26 miles with all of my toenails in tact - thanks to everyone who told me "omg your toenails will go black and fall of eww" - lies lies lies.

5. Dinner at Banana Leaf in Angel.

6. Breakfast in JL. Cake for breakfast is totally acceptable.

7. I finally got sick of carrying my phone charger everywhere for my old iPhone and bought the iPhone 6 in gold. It's awesome.

8. Celebrating staying up past midnight for the first time in weeks to watch the General Election. My rather accurate M&M exit poll! I made it to 4.45am before forcing myself to go to bed because I hadn't taken Friday off work.

9. Running the Bupa 10k for the fourth year in a row. Admittedly not my best time given that I flew back from the US the night before after a week in Vegas but this is always a fun race and had to tell myself that 10k is less than a quarter of the marathon distance. That said, this felt pretty hard but I still love running!

1. USA goodies - Hello Kitty, Victoria's Secret (#notagirlnotyetawoman) and lots of drug store purchases.

2. M&Ms (the only sweets/chocolates for me) and my hand for scale.

3. Hannah and I watching the FA Cup final in a pub in Angel #COYG

And...because this is a "fashion" blog of sorts...two more pairs of Loubs are now mine. I was lucky enough to go to a sample sale so it's not as bad for my credit card as it looks! While I try to maintain that "the best things in life are not things" and that my hardcore shopping days are over sometimes a little bit of retail therapy does you good.

How was your May?


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