Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Las Vegas - In Neon

Neon is one of the first things that people think of when they think of Vegas. Well, it is for me at least. One of the best things about having a full week in the city was the chance to wander a bit further afield and venture off of The Strip. The Las Vegas sign is super famous but is actually a little off the beaten track. From the end of the strip at Mandalay Bay we walked southwards for a good ten minutes before seeing the sign in the distance. There's a bus if you're feeling lazy and a parking lot by the sign if you have a car though.

The sign was designed by Betty Willis and erected in 1959 but was never copyrighted so versions of it appear all over town - some more tasteful than others! We arrived at 10am and there was already a small crowd of people by the sign taking photos. Starting our days early was such a good decision - understandably everywhere is pretty quiet before midday!

The "leaving town" side.

We continued the Neon theme with a visit to the Neon Museum's Neon Boneyard - just north of Downtown Las Vegas we took a taxi there as we were booked in for the 10am tour. Tours need to be booked in advance as they sell out fast! Our guide was excellent and told us the story behind the signs and the work that the museum does to restore them and persevere the heritage of the city. From the days when the city was a place for hedonistic times to for the men building the Hoover Damn, to the days of "the Mob" (said in American accent) to the Moulin Rouge casino being the first un-segregated casino in the city there's so much history which can be forgotten amid the giant hotels and shopping malls. This was one of my favourite Vegas experiences and the walk back to the strip via downtown was fun too (watch out for the man on Fremont street in a pink mankini!).

The sign from the Moulin Rouge has been re-arranged to spell "in love". The casino was only open for a few years but remains in the Vegas history books for its role in the civil rights movement.
An Instagram dream.

The walk between Downtown Las Vegas and the Strip takes in a stretch of road with old motels and the wedding chapels. This is definitely a slice of "Old Vegas" and it was amazing to see some weddings taking place at the chapels. The Tod Motor Motel looked rather sad and closed but the pink and turquoise colour scheme is so pretty that its crying out to be renovated. While we were walking along this road there was an earthquake but we didn't feel a thing - it wasn't huge on the richter scale but still a bit annoying to not have noticed anything!

If I win the lottery...

Are you a fan of neon? And have you ever felt an earthquake?



  1. It all looks so cool! A bit sad you didn't come back married though... Haha!

    - Elodie x

  2. OK! Vegas is definitely on my list on places to visit. It looks like so much fun and looks like there are a lot of cool places around the city.
    I love the blue and black dress too.

  3. The Neon Boneyard looks AMAZING!

    Maria xxx


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