Saturday, 16 May 2015

Vegas, Baby

My bags are packed, my out of office is on. I'm off to Vegas, baby!

For all my good intentions of writing a packing list or "what's in my carry-on" post, as usual packing has involved throwing things in a suitcase and hoping I don't forget my entire make-up bag (worst Boots trip of my life right there).

I've never been to Vegas before but it's one of those places that already feels familiar - The Hangover, Fear and Loathing, Britney Spears' Little White Chapel wedding... Somewhere that despite being pretty devoid of any "culture" now has it through being constant quoted and referenced. I am somewhat relieved to be going somewhere that hasn't required endless research, panic over what on earth I may end up eating, the need to vet my entire summer wardrobe for "appropriateness" and whether I'll be able to Instagram my pictures.

I have my dollars (the exchange rate isn't what it was sob sob), a 10-hour plane ride to teach my mother gambling basics, a shopping list to hit Sephora with and absolutely no worries about the availability of Diet Coke and soy milk cappuccinos.

See you in a week!

Hit me up with any Vegas tips and must sees in the comments. Or just what I should be buying in Sephora...



  1. Have fun. I'm in LA so not too far from you.

  2. HAVE FUN! But please don't come back with a tooth missing of a face tattoo.

    - Elodie x

  3. Hope you have the best time!

    Maria xxx


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