Sunday, 3 May 2015

April Round-Up

April meant only one thing. The London Marathon took over pretty much all of my conscious and sub-conscious thoughts (dreams of arriving at the starting line sans trainers, anyone?) so the rest of the month was pretty chilled.

1. New hair - I'm currently torn between growing it long again (miss my swishy pony tail) or going shorter. Sigh.

2. Vegan sushi at Planet Organic for lunch.

3. The Forensics exhibition at The Wellcome Collection was perfect for channelling my inner Sherlock.

4. Boris bikes started turning red.

5. Easter weekend selfie in my Lulu Guinness x Uniqlo sweatshirt.

6. More sushi - this time from the Japan Centre.

7. Finally got a Mac book and its actually been life changing.

8. Candlelit desserts at Chicken Shop. The apple pie is amazing (and totally allowed when running 20 miles).

9. Visiting the Sky Garden with my parents - the views are pretty sweet and its free to have a look around.

1. Shoe biscuits at Next's Shoebox Jukebox event.

2. Awesome nails c/o The Painted Lady at the Next event.

3. The best falafel wrap from the wonderfully named Absolutely Starving in London Bridge.

4. Pre-work breakfast from Caterina 55.

5. Dinner with the parents at Drift Bar (check out the aquarium when going upstairs) - Mummy Lipstick and I had salads but Daddy Lipstick's dinner was more photogenic. 

6. Celebrating a year of living in my flat with this pineapple lamp.

7. Snacking on pink bananas (freeze dried raspberry powder makes all snacks better)

8. Pink oats for breakfast - post-marathon I'm looking forward to not seeing bananas and porridge for a while. Carb-loading is so much less fun than it sounds.

9. Tower Bridge in action - seen from the Walkie Talkie.

How was your April?



  1. I now want to ride a red boris bike on my way to have sushi. What have you done to me, Lily?!!!

    - Elodie x

  2. Ah VLM..such a fab achievement. Well done you! :-)

  3. Yes to long hair & WOOOO to the mac book - welcome to the club x


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