Thursday, 7 May 2015

Aces Of Bases - Rimmel London's Base Products

It's been a while since I blogged about make-up, or even bought new make-up but recently my entire stash seems to be running out all at once and my trip to the US to re-stock is a little too far away not to pick up some new products. While I have enough lipsticks and eyeshadows to start my own shop, my everyday essentials were looking rather sad and Rimmel had a 3-for-2 offer in Boots so I've still got plenty of dollar left for a big Sephora spree in a couple of weeks!

Rimmel Radiance BB Cream Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer Rimmel Lasting Finish Powder
Radiance BB Cream, Lasting Finish Powder and Wake Me Up Concealer
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
The Wake Me Up concealer is good for both under-eye shadows and blemishes. The Ivory shade is perfect for my pale skin (without being too white that it gives those weird reverse panda-eyes). The concealer is super blendable and lasts all day - no fading or flaking. I can't believe I spent years buying Touche Eclat when there are so many cheaper alternatives that actually offer better coverage.
Rimmel Radiance BB Cream
BB Creams are a new love of mine. I've never used foundation as it makes me feel like my skin is suffocating but BB Creams are awesome if you don't want or need high coverage but want to look fresh and glowy. A small amount is all that's needed and it definitely perks up my skin when it's feeling dull as well - perfect for lazy days when I just use this instead of powder and concealer or for a more made-up look when worn with powder on top. It has SPF 20 but with the amount of this I use I'd definitely wear a separate SPF underneath.
Rimmel Lasting Finish Powder
Since my teens pressed powder has been my make-up essential. While my skin is nowhere near as shiny as it was a dusting of powder is still an essential step in my make-up routine and is perfect for midday touch-ups. This has a mirror underneath the powder (unlike a lot of drugstore powders which while great products are useless for on the go). This stops the dreaded shine without the equally dreaded flat, powdery look. It claims that it lasts for 25 hours but I haven't had a chance to test that out yet - I'm still waiting to rediscover my inner party girl after doing the marathon last month!

What are your favourite base products?



  1. I've been loving the Rimmel lasting finish range lately, I have the two products you've shown plus the concealer and foundation and they are just brilliant!

  2. I only ever wear foundation if I'm going on a night out, but I love BB cream! The Wake Me Up foundation is so good too!

    - Elodie x

  3. I've been thinking about getting a drug store concealer instead of my MAC one. I will have to check out Rimmel.

  4. I love doing a Boots beauty shopping trip. Rimmel is a favourite brand of mine. I am in love with their primer.

  5. Rimmel always have great base products, I especially love their Stay Matte powder and Match Perfection foundation! x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels


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