Saturday, 25 April 2015

What's In My Bag - Marathon Edition!

A bit of a different "what's in my bag" post today - here's what's in my marathon bag for tomorrow morning although it's pretty similar for all the races I've done in the past:

what to pack for a marathon


Race number and safety pins - essentials! I always take a few extra safety pins as someone else is bound to need one and they're so easy to lose.

Timing tag and ties - essential if you want a time and for others to be able to track you around the course.

Pre-race snacks - Nakd bars are my favourite pre-race snack and I'll take a banana and some water too. Most organised races provide water en-route so there's no need to bring loads of water with you.

Tissues and hand sanitiser - because porta-loos are disgusting even when people are stone cold sober.

Blister stick and vaseline - feet saviours for last minute top-ups!

Phone, Oyster card and cash - for last minute texts / Instagrams and for post-race meet-ups. Some cash just in case - some races will have water and snacks for sale at the start but leave the rest of your wallet at home.

Old clothes for the start - the start might be cold so pack some layers which you don't mind discarding at the start.

Cap and sunglasses - these probably won't be coming with me tomorrow but I dug them out just in case it was going to be a sunny day!


iPod - my iPod shuffle is loaded with my favourite running songs.

Suncream stick - I'm an optimist and a huge huge SPF devotee. Although depending on how grim it is at the start this may be checked in.

Hairbands and lipbalm - these hairbands double as bracelets so perfect for mid race hair adjustments and SPF lip balm will be popped in my race belt too.

Energy Gels - always always the ones you have trained with to avoid and race day disasters...

Chewing gum - I like chewing gum while running - it's a nice change from the sickly energy gels.


Face wipes - because sweaty face is not a good look.

Change of clothes - pack a change of clothes of give a bag to someone you're meeting at the end - there are too many post-marathon free food deals to waste time going home to shower!

Snacks - a lot of big races give you snacks in the goodie bag but if you know you'll want a specific snack then pack it!

Flip-flops - again, weather dependent but for hot races I always swap trainers for flip flops straight after.



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