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Skincare Favourites

When I first started this blog my approach to skincare basically involved a pack of face wipes and "Clean & Clear" foaming face scrub. My skin didn't complain about this one (RIP youthful glow even after 2 hours sleep) because that's the joy of being 22 but now that my 28th birthday is on the horizon my skin needs a bit more than a Boots Cucumber face wipe to look its best.

In my teens and early twenties my biggest skin concern was being "shiny". These days I still expect to see that my make-up has slid off of my face by lunchtime but instead working in an office with erratic too-hot-or-too-cold air conditioning, running outside and being, er, older means that my once shiny skin is now in need of moisturiser and that putting oil on my face rather than trying to get rid of it is now a thing. My 22 year-old self would be recoiling in horror at the thought and reaching for a face wipe...

These are some of the products I've added to my routine lately which will hopefully stop me resembling a prune by age 30 (along with drinking more water, avoiding refined sugar and wearing SPF every damn day). I like to use natural products where possible and do believe that less is often more with skincare but Korean women use 11 steps in their skincare routines so adding a couple more products isn't that much of a chore!

best skincare for late 20s skin

best skincare for late 20s skin

best skincare for late 20s skin

best skincare for late 20s skin

best skincare for late 20s skin

best skincare for late 20s skin

1. Bare Biology Lionheart Omega 3 Oil - I first read about these on Caroline Hirons' blog. Despite never eating oily fish (sorry, mom) I'd neither thought of taking a supplement or that doing so could help my skin. These aren't cheap but the literally glowing reviews and reassurance that they don't taste fishy was enough to convince me to add them to my skincare routine. Sadly they're not suitable for vegetarians or vegans (or if you have an allergy) as they do contain fish - I try not to think of what's in them and dutifully swallow 4 before dinner. Available here.

2. Pai Rosehip Oil - Apparently rosehip oil sold out when a Daily Fail article alleged that K-Middy was using it during her pregnancy but whether royalty approved or not rosehip oil is amazing for our skin due to it containing pro-vitamin A (a proven wrinkle-reducer). Sadly this oil doesn't smell of roses, it has quite a woody smell but it disappears quickly and despite being a bright orange it has not made me look any less pale! 1-2 drops is plenty and used twice a week this bottle will last a long time - I've already noticed a difference in my skin (especially on acne scars) and love that this is organic and natural. Available here and at Planet Organic.

3. Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate - I love Kiehls products - everything I've tried so far has been great for my skin and the sales assistants are so helpful and always happy to provide samples. This night treatment is now one that I can't do without - I love the smell (unlike the Pai oil this does smell absolutely lovely) and taking a few minutes each evening to massage a few drops of this into my skin definitely helps me feel more relaxed too. This stops that awful dull look that comes about from not enough sleep and too much time in front of computer screens.

4. Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 - this product really helped me get over my fear of moisturiser - I used to think that moisturiser would make my shiny and block my pores but this product is amazing, it feels like it's just pure moisture (hydrolauric acid is the magic ingredient) without the grease, fragrance and other rubbish that your skin doesn't need. This was my saviour during the winter when I was running outdoors in freezing weather. 1-2 drops are all that are needed and its perfect for under make-up as my skin just drinks it in. More information here and find stockists here.

5. Lush Imperialis - this moisturiser is perfect for combination skins. It's light but nourishing and full of lovely natural ingredients. I use this at night if my skin needs a bit more moisture. As well as being packed with natural ingredients, Lush products are cruelty free and the packaging can be recycled (and 3 empties gets you a free face mask!).

6. Balance Me Skin Bright Hydrating Face Mist - like the Hydrating B5, this also contains hydrolauric acid to moisturise. I love the rosewater smell of this and it's super refreshing while also being moisturising unlike the harsh "toners" I used as a teen which were basically just scented alcohol! I can't find this online - I hope it hasn't been discontinued as mine is half empty (/half full!).

What are your latest skincare discoveries?



  1. It's about time I start taking better care of my skin rather than what's on offer... I do have a few favourite. Namely Origins - my face loves their products!

    Story Of A Girl

  2. Doesn't the Pai Rose-Hip Oil remind you a bit of Christmas Pudding/All Spice?! That's what I first thought when I started using it a few weeks ago. Post Easter Egg related spots haven't let me see any effects since using the oil but I have confidence!
    I'm a big fan of LUSH face masks too - the Cupcake one is incredible! Totally did not know keeping the empty pots means you get a free mask - amazing!

    She's So Lucy

  3. Great post, I always wanted to try out Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate, everyone seems to love it! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food & Lifestyle Blog


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