Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Sunday - Sweet Like Chocolate...

Since starting work the Easter weekend means one thing - FOUR DAYS OFF! I spent the last Easter bank holiday moving flats so this year is all about just chilling out and making the most of a double weekend (even if the weather is still awful). As for Lent...well, I failed on giving up Diet Coke but did drink less of it and I stayed off of ASOS until Wednesday when I accidentally ordered three dresses. I'll try harder next year...

I don't really celebrate Easter but given that the shops have been full of eggs for months I had a go at making my own healthier sweet treats (I was going to make cereal nest cakes but having Mini Eggs in the flat is dangerous when you live alone) - Deliciously Ella's raw brownies made into "eggs" are sweet but without the "ick" factor:

deliciously ella raw brownies

And Deliciously Ella's quinoa treats as "nests" for my Easter chicks also make for a sweet weekend treat - I wasn't convinced that these would be a success but they were actually really good and I should have made more than the tiny batch I did make:

deliciously ella quinoa treats

I might have mentioned before that I'm a bit of a Cumberbitch so on Friday I couldn't resist popping down to a very busy Westfield Stratford to see the Chocobatch! Sadly he wasn't for eating... I do wonder if he made it to the end of the day without someone taking a cheeky bite though (let's not think about what body part you would go for...):

chocolate benedict cumberbatch

It might not feel like spring lamb weather but there are some sheep decorating the streets of London at the moment - I went on a bit of a sheep hunt (perfect for working off those Easter treats although if you did eat the Chocobatch then there is really no hope - 40kg of chocolate!!) for the Shaun in the City sculptures:

shaun in the city

And, far, far sweeter than chocolate were these gorgeous kittens that Sarah and I saw when we visited Battersea yesterday. The one with the little white feet! Sadly these fellows had already found new homes - there really couldn't be a better Easter gift. Note to self - add "kitten" to wishlist...

battersea cats home kittens

Happy Easter! 



  1. YES to four days off, it's more than I get at Christmas so Easter is always a big deal!

    Love the Sean the Sheep! We had Grommet in Bristol the year before last and I'm looking forward to hunting these down too :) x

  2. Nice blog.Follow and get followed back.

  3. Cute kittens your blog is lovely

  4. Those Sean the Sheeps are so cool1 My brother-in-law decorated a miniture one for his girlfriend and it turned out fab!


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