Sunday, 29 March 2015

Dinner at Sticks N Sushi, Covent Garden

I love sushi so when my friend S and I met up for a much needed catch-up we both suggested the Covent Garden branch of Sticks N Sushi for a Monday night dinner. The restaurant is tucked away on a side street off of the Covent Garden market and, yes, does take reservations!

The menu online does seem a bit pricey - a £100 sushi platter wasn't really what we had in mind for a Monday night catch-up - but there are affordable options and we had a decent amount of food for £20 each. Although I can imagine that on a Friday or Saturday night you could go a bit crazy here, especially if you had a few of the (pretty amazing) looking cocktails - maybe I'll have to return when I have something to celebrate!

Sticks N Sushi Covent Garden Review

We started with ebi bites to share on the recommendation of our waitress. These were so good - perfectly crisp and full of flavour but super light. They definitely tided us over while we browsed the book-like menu!

Sticks N Sushi Covent Garden Review

We both had the spicy miso soup - just the right amount of heat and with pieces of salmon this was the perfect winter warmer (because spring hasn't quite made it yet, has it?)

S had the tuna tartare which was beautifully presented and almost looked too pretty to eat!

Sticks N Sushi Covent Garden Review

I had the small chaos chirashi. Salmon and avocado is such a good combination - this was small but perfectly formed and a great wallet-friendly menu pick.

The staff were super friendly and great at explaining the dishes and pointing out there favourites (does anyone else get annoyed when serving staff have clearly never eaten the food themselves?). I'll be back to sample some of the "sticks" next time!

Are you a sushi fan?



  1. Mmm, I love Sushi but my area lacks decent places to get any!

  2. Sticks n Sushi is one of my favourites! Winnie, Zoe and I went for my leaving meal and I loved those ebi bites as well as the, like, black coal sushi? SO good. If I make it back to the UK, let's go and have sushi and cocktails! ;)


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