Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Round-Up

The shortest month of 2015 is over. Hopefully we are all sticking to our Lent promises - I have given up Diet Coke and ASOS for the benefit of my tooth enamel and bank account - hopefully both are do-able...

This month has sped by - having the marathon in the diary (and firmly etched onto my brain) for 26th April seems to be making the weeks skip past - the weekend seems to come around faster somehow when "3 HOUR RUN" is written in the diary for a Saturday morning. I've also been running errands like it's my job - while the weekends come around faster, they also seem far longer when Saturday night doesn't pass in a blur of G&Ts, Uber rides and "I was sending drunk Whatsapps at 4am?! Why was I awake at 4am?". I'm not trying to sound smug and part of me really does miss the spontaneity that is somehow killed off by the thought of running 15 miles on a freezing weekend morning while everyone else sleeps off their hangovers but for once I'm up-to-date on life admin, sleep and am enjoying the (almost) absence of food guilt over a slice of cake.

My February looked like this:

1. I lunched at Dishoom twice and it was the perfect warmer-upper.

2.Dinner at Pide was a foodie highlight.

3. I've been pretty restrained on the shopping front this year but couldn't resist these shoes in the Dorothy Perkins sale - after a long run on a Sunday, 5 inch heels on a Monday are less appealing.

4. I had a manicure without leaving my flat after winning Emma's Glosspod competition.

5. Afternoon tea at The Wallace Collection - cultural cake eating.

6. Pancake day over Valentine's day - I made these and shared the recipe.

7. While I love running it is rather solitary so shaking things up is a must in order to stay "exercise sane" - Boom Cycle is so much fun.

8. Escaping my desk for a weekday lunch at The Anthologist. 

9. Learning a new skill at Quill (and eating cake while doing so).

1. Enjoying the John Lewis life with free coffee and cake (does anyone else feel like a bit of an idiot ordering an Americano with soya milk on the side at the same time as an omg mega chocolate calorie bomb cake?).

2. Tonkotsu has been on my list for so long and now there's one in the Selfridges food hall. I had the chili chicken ramen but, really, it's all about that egg yolk.

3. Leon for breakfast - a smoked salmon and avocado pot while I try to learn the Korean alphabet (because 1. I'm going to Korea in September and 2. My brain needs some exercise - salmon is meant to be brain food after all).

4. Giant jelly babies at The Halcyon Gallery (no, they are not edible).

5. One of my favourite places to spend an afternoon is The Wellcome Collection - the Institute of Sexology exhibition was enlightening. My inner science geek always feels so satisfied after an afternoon here and the cafe is great, too.

6. There's a ceiling-height bookshelf of diet books in The Wellcome Collection's permanent exhibition - here are some of the gems that I won't be trying...

7. Continuing the science-y theme, I popped into Bart's Pathology Museum for the Regrets exhibition - a small but oddly beautiful museum that should definitely be open more often.

8. This Zizzi salad resulted in no pizza food envy - so good.

9. The Science Museums lates are always so much fun - this month's was on sexuality (sensing a theme here) and featured fun and games (it's over 18s only) as well as the science behind sex addiction and monogamy.

How was your February?



  1. A strong month for you! I still haven't been to the Wellcome Collection and I really must.

  2. You've had a great month! Plenty of delicious food :)

  3. That looks like a very fun month! Wish I could go to a boom cycle class!

  4. What lovely food you have been enjoying. Hope you have an equally fabulous March.

  5. I’m in love with your blog! It was so interesting to read your posts and also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos! I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet


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