Friday, 20 March 2015

Breakfast Idea: Easy Baked Oats - Dairy Free, Healthy

Breakfast foods are my favourite and I'm definitely a sweet breakfasts kinda girl. Porridge, granola and pancakes are my high up on my list but all too often in the week breakfast is at my desk or at weekends is forgotten in favor of grabbing a coffee or saving myself for lunch plans.

Being at home this week was the perfect opportunity to give breakfast the attention it deserves and after Sophie told me about baked oats I had to give them a go. I don't have an oven in my London flat and am hardly a keen cook but I was so pleased with how these turned out!

dairy free breakfast baked oats

Ingredients (for one serving):

1/3 cup of oats
50ml almond milk
1 medium egg
Fruit of choice - I used frozen raspberries, frozen cherries and banana slices

Vanilla extract

This is so easy. Just mix everything together in an oven-proof dish and pop in the oven for 20 minutes until the mixture has risen and the top is golden. Serve warm on its own or top with a dollop of soya yogurt. The oats can also be made the night before for taking into work as a healthy desk-fast - just re-heat in the microwave for a minute.

dairy free breakfast baked oats

These are just as easy to make whether you are breakfasting solo or have a group to feed. You could also make one big portion rather than individual dishes if that's easier too.

dairy free breakfast baked oats

What is your favourite breakfast?



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