Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Perfect Pizza

Who doesn't like pizza? I'm all for the eating of pizza but last week I got a chance to make one at Pizza Express and it tasted all the better for my "efforts". In all fairness, it was a bit of a pizza cheat as we were given the dough so didn't have to worry about mixing up the ingredients for this but stretching it out was a bit of a challenge and far more difficult than the pizza experts made it look!

Once the difficult part of getting the dough in the pan was done, it was topping time - mine was topped with mini peppers, black olives, lots of spinach, chicken and the all-important cheese (not sure if this topping will be making it on to the menu any time soon...). The cheese should always go on last and the toppings shouldn't be piled on too generously otherwise the dreaded soggy bottom is a risk!

I am obsessed with the new Layout app from Instagram - it definitely helps to fill in the time on tube journeys when I probably should be reading or doing something a bit more productive. Seeing the finished pizza makes me want to eat it all over again although maybe I should have a go at one of those cauliflower base pizzas like this one?

Have you tried making pizza?

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Dinner at Sticks N Sushi, Covent Garden

I love sushi so when my friend S and I met up for a much needed catch-up we both suggested the Covent Garden branch of Sticks N Sushi for a Monday night dinner. The restaurant is tucked away on a side street off of the Covent Garden market and, yes, does take reservations!

The menu online does seem a bit pricey - a £100 sushi platter wasn't really what we had in mind for a Monday night catch-up - but there are affordable options and we had a decent amount of food for £20 each. Although I can imagine that on a Friday or Saturday night you could go a bit crazy here, especially if you had a few of the (pretty amazing) looking cocktails - maybe I'll have to return when I have something to celebrate!

Sticks N Sushi Covent Garden Review

We started with ebi bites to share on the recommendation of our waitress. These were so good - perfectly crisp and full of flavour but super light. They definitely tided us over while we browsed the book-like menu!

Sticks N Sushi Covent Garden Review

We both had the spicy miso soup - just the right amount of heat and with pieces of salmon this was the perfect winter warmer (because spring hasn't quite made it yet, has it?)

S had the tuna tartare which was beautifully presented and almost looked too pretty to eat!

Sticks N Sushi Covent Garden Review

I had the small chaos chirashi. Salmon and avocado is such a good combination - this was small but perfectly formed and a great wallet-friendly menu pick.

The staff were super friendly and great at explaining the dishes and pointing out there favourites (does anyone else get annoyed when serving staff have clearly never eaten the food themselves?). I'll be back to sample some of the "sticks" next time!

Are you a sushi fan?


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Snack Ideas: Easy No-Bake Vegan Treats

I love a sweet tread mid-afternoon but hate the sugar crash that a lot of sweet treats result in. I'm always looking for ways to beat the 4pm slump which won't derail my healthy eating and these two are perfect. Super easy and quick to make, no oven or blender required and tasty enough to feel like a treat while being vegan and free of refined sugar.

First up, oaty cookies:

I adapted this recipe, leaving out the flaxseed and topping with my guilt free chocolate sauce (raw cacao powder mixed with melted coconut oil). The finished cookies will keep in the fridge or freezer and are perfect for popping into a mini tupperwear for an on the go snack or as a quick breakfast.

Next, crispie cakes.

These were one of my favourite things to make as a child - they're so easy and fun. This version tastes super indulgent and is definitely more of an afternoon snack or dessert. I used this recipe but with peanut butter rather than almond butter. After setting in the fridge, the crispie cake can be cut into squares and kept to hand for snacking or sharing. My parents loved this and couldn't believe that it didn't contain any butter or sugar.

What are your favourite healthy treats?


Sunday, 22 March 2015

Being Single In Your (Late) Twenties

If I had £1 for every time since the age of twelve that I've been asked if I had a boyfriend I would probably be typing this post from my penthouse suite while snacking on caviar. I'm turning 28 this year and since the age of twelve, the answer to the question asked by friends, acquaintances, work colleagues and family members has always been "no". Well, not a straight "no" but a "oh, um, not at the moment" or a "oh, not right now" sorta thing.

During my school and uni days I was able to fob people off with a "oh, no, I'm concentrating on my studies" type response which seemed to do the trick (you can see why I'm a big hit with grown-ups, eh?) but now I'm a little older I find myself struggling for an excuse or a reason for my single status. Some common responses:

"But you're really pretty!!" Um, thank you...but, wait, there must be something terribly wrong with my personality, then?

"But how are you going to provide for yourself?" This isn't Downton Abbey but just in case you think it is it may come as a surprise that despite being a girl I have a job, my own flat and am providing for myself just fine.

"But how are you going to have children?" Again, it may come as a surprise that not every woman necessarily dreams of having babies (Sophie's post here is a good read) and while a man might be a necessity for the whole "bringing a child into the world" part, a man isn't a necessity for being a parent - single woman can adopt or foster.

There's an assumption that because I'm single I must somehow be devoting all my energy to the holy grail of "finding a boyfriend". Surprise news - I'm not. I'm always so busy and I'd rather spend my free time chilling with friends who I can actually relax around or doing a yoga class than going on a Tinder date with someone who won't even have the courtesy to reply to my WhatsApp. Life is stressful enough as it is and, believe me, I do not need that shit to complicate things. I've dabbled in the dating world and it just stresses me out - I have no idea what the "rules" are and despite a fair few of my friends finding success with online dating world, it just isn't for me (despite most of my friends being found online).

I'm actually happy being single. I know that might be hard for some people to believe and for years I didn't think it was possible either - I thought that I'd only truly value and like myself when I knew that someone else did. How ridiculous. Your self worth comes from within, if you don't think you're awesome then no one else will. I think we're wired to think that we'll be "happy" when we've lost 7lbs or bought a Mulberry bag but those things aren't going to fix anything in you that you don't already have. Nothing is going to make you more miserable than being in a bad relationship or being in one for the wrong reasons either.

So the next time someone asks me if I have a boyfriend, they'll get a confident "no" in response.


Friday, 20 March 2015

Breakfast Idea: Easy Baked Oats - Dairy Free, Healthy

Breakfast foods are my favourite and I'm definitely a sweet breakfasts kinda girl. Porridge, granola and pancakes are my high up on my list but all too often in the week breakfast is at my desk or at weekends is forgotten in favor of grabbing a coffee or saving myself for lunch plans.

Being at home this week was the perfect opportunity to give breakfast the attention it deserves and after Sophie told me about baked oats I had to give them a go. I don't have an oven in my London flat and am hardly a keen cook but I was so pleased with how these turned out!

dairy free breakfast baked oats

Ingredients (for one serving):

1/3 cup of oats
50ml almond milk
1 medium egg
Fruit of choice - I used frozen raspberries, frozen cherries and banana slices

Vanilla extract

This is so easy. Just mix everything together in an oven-proof dish and pop in the oven for 20 minutes until the mixture has risen and the top is golden. Serve warm on its own or top with a dollop of soya yogurt. The oats can also be made the night before for taking into work as a healthy desk-fast - just re-heat in the microwave for a minute.

dairy free breakfast baked oats

These are just as easy to make whether you are breakfasting solo or have a group to feed. You could also make one big portion rather than individual dishes if that's easier too.

dairy free breakfast baked oats

What is your favourite breakfast?


Thursday, 19 March 2015

12 Unexpected Benefits of Training for a Marathon

When I signed up to run the London Marathon back in October I filed it in the "things far in the future" part of my brain and life carried on as normal. I've run for the last few years but I have never felt like a runner runner despite racking up a few half marathons. I thought that running the marathon would bring me better fitness levels, slimmer legs (this is a fashion blog of sorts - I'm vain, ok?) and raise some money for a good cause. These are the benefits I wasn't expecting:

benefits of marathon training

1. A happier liver. While I haven't given up booze for the marathon I have cut down on my gin consumption a lot. I do all my training in the morning so a night on the gin followed up a 15 mile run isn't an appealing combination.

2. No hangovers. Related to the above. No weekend time is wasted feeling hungover, trying to piece together the goings on of the previous night from bar receipts and Uber emails or feeling paranoid about did I say blah, do blah and ohemgee do all my friends hate me now?

3. A happier wallet. When half my weekend is spent wearing running gear, there's less time and need for shopping. My running isn't yet at a level where I can shop on my phone while running. Thank goodness.

4. A whole new "sportswear" section of my wardrobe. I now have trainers in every shade of pink and purple known to (wo)man, a lot of running leggings and actually get excited about having a rummage in the hell that is a Sports Direct store for new gear.

5. That post-run glow. No amount of make-up and skincare can replicate the rosy glow that a long run gives. I read horror stories about running causing acne and wrinkles but my skin has been looking good (maybe also in part to the first point, too).

6. Food, glorious food. Sadly marathon running does not allow you to become a regular at McDonalds and still lose weight but a weekly slice of cake now doesn't trigger quite the same carb-related guilt as it once did. I have also re-discovered bagels and they are so good that I may have to sign up to another marathon so that I can continue eating them.

7. Abs. Yes, they are teeny tiny baby abs and they only make themselves visible in the morning but I now have abs without doing a single sit-up. Running works your whole body and burns fat but no I have not turned into a "eww gross muscle-y" man and nor have I ruined my knees. Ignore advice from anyone whose running experience consists of running for the bus.

8. JOMO (joy of missing out). Yes there have been nights out where I've felt envious of my cocktail drinking friends but there has been far more JOMO where I've not felt guilty about not going to an event where I'll be stuck talking about the scintillating subjects of is "how work going" or "do I have a boyfriend yet" or having to listen to someone paid goodness knows how many times the national average wage moan about their lack of bonus.

9. Extreme Netflix-ing. Practically a counter-sport to running, a good Netflix session is the ultimate preparation the night before a long run.

10. Unlikely friendships. When you tell people you are running a marathon, the people you least expect to even own a pair of trainers will tell you their story of running one too. N'awww.

11. Time flying by. Adult life can feel like groundhog day without end of terms and exams to add a bit of variety. Add in a scary challenge at the end of April to your diary and time literally skips past.

12. That superwoman feeling. I don't spend every minute of every run feeling awesome but the feeling when you realise you've finished an 18-miler or run further from home then you ever have done is pretty hard to beat. Don't trip on my invisible cape, please.

Have you ran a marathon? Or is your sanity intact?


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

City Pharma: French Pharmacy Essentials

Armed with a list of products to purchase, last Saturday afternoon saw me make my first visit to City Pharma. I usually just pop into whatever pharmacy I can find to pick up my essentials but having heard a lot about City Pharma I wanted to visit - I planned to browse the aisles, taking pictures of the products for this post, deliberating over what to buy...

The reality was quite different. The place was rammed. Tourists shouted, pushing their way through the narrow aisles, knocking products to the floor as they went. French women with poodles in tow muttered angrily at the tourists. The poodles saw the noise as an excuse to start barking (I am terrified of dogs so this was not ideal really). It was chaos. I made my way around the aisles as quickly as possible, shoving everything into my basket thinking that there was no way I would ever be returning so I might as well just buy it all now. I now know how my dad felt being dragged into New Look when I was a teenager.

So here is what I bought and my recommendations for when you're next visiting France. A lot of these products can be bought in the UK or online (try La Guide Sante) but they are cheaper in France and money spent on trips doesn't really count as spending, does it? Also, the pound to euro exchange rate is pretty good at the moment - I obviously didn't check before I left but when working out the prices I now wish I had bought a few more bits!

1. Bioderma
The holy grail of make-up removal for many. I have used this for the last few years and other eye make-up removers pale in comparison. I also use it to take off my face make-up if I'm feeling lazy or at a festival and have no running water (so much nicer than using wipes). I haven't tried any of the micellaire waters available in the UK (Garnier's seems to get good reviews) so I have no idea how it compares to those but I love Bioderma and will be sticking with it for as long as I can keep my supplies up. This massive bottle was around £4.90 (although this one is for Sophie as I already have 2 back-ups).

  2. Biafine
Elodie recommended this one - its a healing balm used for sunburn and skin irritation so a great one to have to hand. I have really sensitive skin so thought this sounded ideal - it is completely fragrance free and feels so soft and silky on application. It's gentle enough to use on babies and perfect for my dry winter skin which has been suffering after too many long, cold outdoor runs. This was £8.50 for a double pack.

3. Embroylisse
The exfoliator is for Hannah who recommended the range for sensitive skin and the cream is for me. This brand is an essential for many French women. It's so gentle and perfect for dry skin. The cream is a super-rich moisturiser which calms and soothes the skin. It can also be used to remove make-up or as a hydrating masque so its the perfect multi-tasker. One for using at night and popping in my handbag. I got the limited edition gold packaging but it's usually in a white and blue tube. £8.50 per product.

4. Avene
Mummy Lipstick and I both love Avene and have used the products for a few years now. We both have sensitive skin and the products are all fragrance free and super gentle. The moisturiser is a favourite of both of ours for being super light and containing an SPF so it's a great everyday product for normal-combination skin. There's a "riche" version for drier skins too. Mummy Lipstick was on the lookout for a new eye-cream so I picked up this one for her to try. £15 for the two. Moisturiser and eye-cream are both available at Boots (although exchange rate made these much cheaper in France).

5. Nuxe
Sophie recommended this lipbalm and it's another cult product that gets raved about in the blog world. My lips are so, so dry whatever I seem to put on them at the moment so I'm hoping that this helps. It smells lovely, too and for £4.60 it's a bargain. It's available in stick-form from M&S in the UK.
6. Bioderama hydrating spray
French pharmacies are packed with hydrating spritzes - Evian make a great one which I've tried in the past but while waiting in the ridiculous queue this feel into my basket. I love mists for calming my skin after a workout or for a quick refresh if I'm not wearing any make-up and this is perfectly handbag sized for the summer - I used to use these on French holidays as a cool down while sunbathing so holding out some hope that I'll use it in the UK this summer. 
7. Cattier
Another Elodie recommendation. This old-school French brand is amazingly good value - I picked the pink clay masque for sensitive skin and it's absolutely lovely for a pampering ritual. The green version for oily skin sounds great, too.

Want more French essentials? Elodie has written a great post here (she's actually French so knows her stuff) and this article from The Cut has a great guide, too.


Sunday, 15 March 2015

15 Things Our Mothers Didn't Have To Deal With In Their Twenties

A bit of a different Mother's Day post. Elodie and I were talking about things that our parent's didn't have to deal with back in their day, so here are 15 things our mothers didn't have to deal with in their twenties. I'm sure Mummy Lipstick will read this and I hope she finds it funny (I'll explain what WhatsApp is).

mothers day list

1. WhatsApp paranoia. The two blue ticks are clearly there and yet he hasn't replied. Why? He's read the message. WHY HASN'T HE REPLIED?

2. Instagram "fitspo". I am hungover and can only face Diet Coke and maybe all of the sandwiches in Pret. I don't need to see a thigh gap and a kale and spinach smoothie right now.

3. Selfies. Possibly only useful if we forget what our friends look like before meeting them. Our mothers would have thought twice before wasting a precious roll of film.

4. Tinder. Our mothers dated people they met in the real world where at least people can't lie about their height or pretend they still look like how they did before the beer belly and receeding hairline.

5. Weird dating rules. Our mothers didn't have the concept of "dating lots of people at once" or have to agonise about whether to go "exclusive". Nor did they have "rules" about how to date and yet they somehow still managed.

6. Gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, fat free... what to actually eat for lunch is an absolute minefield. When our mother's were in their twenties a diet involved cottage cheese, ryvita and black coffee. Yes, it worked. No, it wasn't healthy.

7. Decision anxiety. Pizza was considered an exotic foreign food so less decision anxiety over what to eat for dinner. Also, carbs were not the enemy as no one had discovered how they are actually the root of all evil.

8. Snapchat. None of those pictures.

9. Chronic lateness. No one had a mobile phone so "sorry I'll be 15 minutes late!" texts were not an option. People got to places on time. I know the tube is always late and I know that I wasn't alive in 1972 but you can bloody well bet it was even more unreliable back then.

10. Whatsapp groups. Accidentally bitching about someone in a group thread. Feeling momentary wave of cold sick panic that your life is ruined and you're now far too busy to have the time to make new friends. Realising that you haven't and that it's ALL OK.

11. Whatsapp fatigue. When I was 14 I maybe had the energy to have 8 MSN chats at the same time. Now it sometimes feels like my entire social life has been reduced to Whatsapp chats and its only slightly less exhausting than leaving the house to socialise.

12. Drunk texts. No phone no problem. Drunk dialing someone on the landline probably didn't happen that much.

13. Blackberries. Work finished when you left the office. Our mothers were probably happier and healthier for it.

14. ASOS. No payday splurge at your desk. No shopping while lying in bed. No shopping while still drunk at 3am, forgetting about said shopping and then receiving the most vile assortment of clothes you have seen in your entire life.

15. Facebook life envy (or more likely "Facebook rather her than me"). Someone you went to primary school with is now married with a chocolate labrador. Someone you went to Brownies with now has a baby.

Seriously, what would life be like without any of the above? Maybe I could live happily without a few of them but it makes you think what people will think of our lives now in a few decades time... I will quiz Mummy Lipstick on some of these (maybe not number 8) over lunch at The Wolseley today - it's become a bit of a family tradition to have a March lunch there. I don't think Jude Law will be on the next table this year but the food and atmosphere is always tip-top.

Happy Mother's Day!


Friday, 13 March 2015

Paris Postcards

My weekend in Paris went by so fast. I had so many things planned but what with running 13 miles on Sunday morning, catch-ups with friends and getting lost on the Paris Metro twice the time just seemed to disappear. Funny how sometimes a morning can seem like the. longest. thing. ever and a weekend can go by in the blink of an eye. I think this was my eighth trip to Paris so Metro mistakes aside, the city is familiar and armed some tips from Hannah who had just got back I made the most of the time I wasn't running.

Weekend in Paris things to do

On the 6.18am Eurostar, with my standard travelling breakfast. So worth the early start to get to Paris before 10am.

Weekend in Paris things to do

Most of my morning was spent going to the Semi de Paris expo to pick up my race number - slightly annoying as it was a bit of a trek from the centre of Paris but a good way to familiarise myself with the starting location. Lunch was purchased from Bob's Kitchen (see my last visit here) and was eaten in the sun outside the Centre Pompadiou as the tiny restaurant was packed. I was starving by this point and the bagel was absolutely amazing. Bob;s is a must visit if you're vegan, veggie or just looking for something green and healthy if you're in Paris for longer than a weekend.

Weekend in Paris things to do

Weekend in Paris things to do

Weekend in Paris things to do

I love the Pompadiou - the building is so different from anything else in Paris and the views from the top are pretty amazing. My only glimpse of the Tour d'Eiffel all weekend. The Jeff Koons exhibtion was so good - the balloon art is so fun and while a lot of the installaitons look simple the work that has gone into them is incredible. The permanant collections were great, as always, too. On Thursday - Saturday the Koons exhibition is open until 11pm so it'd be a great after dinner activity too.

Weekend in Paris things to do

Weekend in Paris things to do

Dinner was at Blends near Republique. I had the chicken burger and sweet potato fries and hoped that this counted as "card loading" for the Semi de Paris (oh, and a Diet Coke - sorry Lent ban). The burger was so good - chicken burgers can be bland compared to their beefy couterparts but this was so flavoursome thanks to the parmesan cheese and satisfyingly messy too. The fries were not as crispy as I'd like them to be but had a great flavour and the portion was huge! The menu is simple but veggie friendly and service was fast and friendly.

Weekend in Paris things to do

Sunday. After the Semi Paris I originally planned to head back to my friend's place for a shower but my craving for falafel got the better of me (I kept seeing other runners throughout the day who clearly had the same idea that exploring Paris is a better way to spend a sunny afternoon than showering). The queue for L'As Du Falafal looked as if it would take as long as the actual run (blaming this NY Times article in part) so I joined the shorter line at Mi-Va-Mi for a €6 falafal feast. This didn't have the same je ne sais quois of my favourite but was delicious nonetheless.

Weekend in Paris things to do

Wandering down to Hotel de Ville to eat in the sun, a huge demonstration came by for International Women's Day. It was great to see so many people out in support of women's rights and with the streets and shops shut the city felt so different.

Weekend in Paris things to do

Weekend in Paris things to do

I hopped on the Metro to Anvers to visit the Sacre Coeur - one of my favourite places in Paris and one I hadn't visited for a few years. The nice weather meant that it was packed with people but the area has a chilled out vibe and I started my climb up to the top, ignoring the cable car and powering up the stairs. I promise the view looks all the better for the walk!

Weekend in Paris things to doWeekend in Paris things to doWeekend in Paris things to do

Take a left at Sacre Coeur for the beautiful village of Monmatre. Monmatre used to have an artsy, slightly sleazy vibe (cf. Moulin Rouge) but these days the vibe is more "rammed with tourists". I secretly love the tacky tourist shops and the builidings still have an old world charm. Heading back to the steps of Sacre Coeur I watched the sun go down over Paris and felt so happy at being here in this beautiful city. One of those all too few perfect moments despite my sweaty hair and make-up free face. People played guitars and chatted and laughed while the sky changed colour. Paris, je t'aime.

Weekend in Paris things to do

 A bientot, Paris!


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Semi De Paris - 08.03.15

On Sunday I ran the Semi de Paris - Paris's half marathon. I heard about the race on Twitter (the source of most of my news) and booked myself in as a mid-London Marathon training "treat". I can never resist a trip to Paris but having visited the city quite a few times before it felt good to be returning with a purpose (other than to drink €5 coffees and eat goat's cheese salads).

Semi Paris 2015
Ready to go!
On Sunday morning I set off to the start line in the spring sunshine. My start time was 11.25am being in the last starting group based on a target time of more than 2 hours 10 minutes. The race started at the Chateau de Vincennes - a beautiful spot to the east of the city and looped around eastern Paris passing through Bastille and by the Hotel de Ville before finishing back in the grounds of the chateau. Signs pointed out the landmarks on the way and although I didn't live out my vision of running past the Eiffel Tower it was a nice (and pretty much totally flat) route. Over 35,000 runners took part this year and it was amazing to be a part of such a huge event.

Semi Paris 2015
After weeks of freezing winter runs - sunshine!
Sunday was also International Women's Day and as I took my spot on the starting line it felt like the perfect day to be running. Complain as we do, we are so lucky that we have the choice to run for "fun". I ran not just for me but for the women who will never get a chance to see this beautiful world, the women who aren't allowed to leave the house on their own, who aren't allowed the simple freedom of running through city streets in a t-shirt. Our lives could be so different and we seem to think more about what we don't have than just how bloody luck we are.

Semi Paris 2015
Warming up to Uptown Funk.
The race started and I sped through the first 5km. At the first water station it hit me just how hot it was. A flashing sign outside a pharmacy read 17.5 degrees. I slowed a little and the negative thoughts started....How on earth was I going to run another 17km when I was already this hot and exhausted? What was the girl who was always picked last for the netball team doing thinking she could run 22.1km around Paris? I tried converting the kilometres to miles, tried working out how fast I was going to be able to run this, how soon I could be at the finish line - what if I'd come all this way and was going to get a rubbish time. Aaah!

Semi Paris 2015
This was somewhere near the end. Taking photographs while running is difficult.
I took my water and plodded on a little slower (I slowed down at all the water stations so as not to slip on discarded bottles and banana skins), thinking of women who have to walk this distance on a daily basis just to get  (probably not so) clean water. Women - girls - who are forced into marriages when still children. All I had to do was keep on running. After the halfway point it suddenly got a lot easier, I spend up and the next 10km flew by, the black and white kilometre markers passing by amid cheers from the spectators lining the route.  As we passed the Seine the sunlight glinted off of the water and running suddenly felt like the most amazing, easy thing ever. Of course I could do this. And I was even enjoying it - honorable mentions go to group of tres beau fireman who cheered us on, and to the nice man who offered me a ride on his skateboard (I politely declined).

Semi Paris 2015
 Back in the park for the final stretch and the finish line took me by surprise - I thought I had another 5 minutes left to run and I crossed it feeling like I might burst into tears but quickly stopped when I realised this made the very act of breathing so much harder! I beat my half marathon PB by 1 minute and came in at 2:34 - the same time that Natalia Vodianova did it in and she has longer legs than me. I'm never going to be a speedy runner but unlike past half marathons where the final miles have felt horrendous, I crossed the finish line feeling like I could have carried on, knowing that while my running hasn't got faster it has got better.  

Semi Paris 2015
My medal!
Thanks Paris for letting me run and sweat my way around your beautiful city. Thanks for making the weather amazing and for everyone who came out to cheer us all on. I had the best time doing this race - running is so much more than distances and timings. It's amazing and hard and the best and worst thing you'll ever chose to do, all at once. 

More Paris (less of running) coming your way soon!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Lush - New Purchases

I haven't had a good Lush haul for a while but after seeing the "Unicorn Horn" bubble bar all over Instagram, I knew I had to have one. I also picked up a few other bits on my visit - I'm trying to use more natural products on my skin this year so brands like Lush, Balance Me and Ren are high on my list. I'm not about to start washing my hair in vinegar or quit using deodorant but the aim is to only use products that I can actually pronounce the name of all the ingredients, both for my skin and the environment. 

Lush blog review

Lush blog review

Lush blog review

Lush blog review

Firstly, the Unicorn Horn - this was almost too pretty to use but on gloomy cold evenings I love nothing more than reading a magazine in the bath so I actually used this the day after buying it! Unicorn Horn results in the most perfect bath - soft bubbles, beautifully scented water and the fragrance made my whole (very tiny) flat smell lovely for days. The Secret Garden is a traditional Lush bath bomb - look at it fizzing away! I managed to get two used out of this although the second use resulted in the bath being full of the "secret" dried flowers inside which, as lovely as they are, do end up blocking the plug hole!

The Turkish Delight shower smoothie is perfect for mornings when an hour-long bath is not an option. It smells beautiful, like summer in the countryside (I imagine) and unlike regular shower gels leaves my skin feeling really soft with a lasting fragrance. Hair-wise I picked up a Godiva shampoo and conditioner bar for the gym - I hate lugging hair products around with me and so this is perfect for my gym bag. I've used a few of these shampoo bars in the past and really like them - this one leaves my hair clean and soft and smells amazing. I also picked up Big shampoo as since getting my hair cut shorter it already looks a lot thicker but anything to boost this is still appreciated - this smells like a summer beach and gives serious volume. Probably not one for dry or damaged hair but if you have normal or fine hair its definitely worth a try. I got a free sample of the Big conditioner as I've always been intrigued about solid conditioners. A little of this goes a long way and it's perfect if you don't want to un-do the effects of the volumising shampoo.

Skincare wise, I picked up the Imperialis moisturiser as due to all the running I've been doing my skin has been so dry and I've actually needed to use moisturiser every day for the first time. This is recommended for skin that's "in between" which I feel mine is - I've graduated from the teenage skincare section but I'm not quite ready for the anti-aging section yet (I hope). Finally, I picked up a Charity Pot handcream for my desk at work and because it's all for a good cause.

Phew! That was a lot of goodies and a lot of "it smells amazing".

Have you picked up and Lush products lately?

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Workwear v Wednesday Adams (Again)

Continuing my Wednesday Adams themed work wear today. I promise I have been wearing more colour at the weekends but I'm actually enjoying wearing all back - blame the continuing bad weather or just that it isn't Friday.

ASOS lace collar dress
ASOS lace collar dress

This lace collar dress is an ASOS find, it's actually in the sale now! It's a super fine knit so perfect for the office and the lace collar keeps it just cute enough. Oh, and I have it in navy, too. Soon my entire wardrobe is going to be duplicates...

Do you repeat buy favourites?

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