Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Working It - Boom Cycle

On my mission of trying out different gym classes, last week I headed to my first Boom Cycle class - I actually went to two because I loved the first one so much! Boom is not super new on the London fitness scene but it's a still a new concept for us Brits - a dedicated "spin gym" with classes throughout the day modeled on the likes of NYC's Soulcycle.

Boom is not your usual spin class - the music is super loud and the room super dark, it really does feel like a disco on bikes. Boom devotes skip around in bright leggings and cropped tops and the vibe is cool but super friendly - the classes I went to both seemed to be a mix of regulars and newbies. I attended a Thursday evening class at Holborn and a Sunday morning class at Shoreditch. Both were so much fun, the time just flew by with the music and motivation of the instructors- especially impressive considering that Sunday's class was 75 minutes long (yes, I was super sweaty afterwards)!

Boom offers complimentary towels and Ren products in the showers as well as GHDs for post-spin styling. The studios are simply styled but bright and full of cute touches like a jar of free hairbands and motivational quotes on chalkboards. The Holborn branch has a cafe which sells post-workout shakes and there are themed nights including "Girls Night Spin" which sounds like a far better way to spend a Friday night than queuing for over-priced drinks along with everyone else in London as well as dedicated hip hop and R&B sessions.

Booking is all done online - Boom is not cheap but there's a beginner offer of 3 classes for £20 and a package would be perfect for a birthday or Christmas gift. Both of the classes I went to were super intense workouts so I think it's worth it (some gym memberships in London are £100 per month and half the people probably don't even go). If you need any more motivation, Bangs is one of the instructors and despite seeing how sweaty the people leaving her class were I still want to go to one soon!


  1. Is it really hard?! I really want to try one of these spin classes but I am so unfit that I'm worried I would just do a complete fail!! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. I've heard a lot about these classes and although they're not cheap they do sound like a lot of fun.


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