Friday, 6 February 2015

Single Lady's Valentine's Survival Kit

It's that time of year again. Yep, another Valentine's day is rearing its heart-emblazoned head and reminding me that I have yet again failed to get a boyfriend in time for this not to be a day of disappointment. Although, to be honest, the only reason I was holding out hope this year was because I really wanted to go to Symmetry Breakfast's Valentine's event and felt that eating two breakfasts by myself might be frowned upon.

I've put together a little single lady's wishlist to make this day a little easier. Let's just be grateful that it's on a weekend this year so we won't have to try to not look envious when the seventh person at work gets a bouquet of flowers delivered and nor will being in the office until 3am and returning home to a "dinner" of dry Special K and salty tears be a possibility (and no, that has never happened to me its just a hypothetical example, thanks):

Feel the love.
If there's one man I do have time for on V-day it's definitely Benedict Cumberbatch. I haven't had a celebrity crush since Elijah Wood (I can see you nodding along thinking that yes, this is maybe why I'm single) but do love B. Cumbers a lot - the episode of Sherlock where he winks is possibly the finest TV moment to ever happen. I ordered the Cumberbitch tshirt from Poprageous - it arrived this week and it's amazing. I can't wait to wear it at every inappropriate opportunity.

Due to the hibernation-inducing weather the idea of bed + Netflix is the only thing I want to be doing in the bedroom so this PJ set is perfect for getting all dressed up to continue my way through season 6 of House and candles that you need a second mortgage to buy always make me feel special (notebook out, future Valentine - this one is my absolute favorite). Oh, and chocolate - because I definitely wouldn't share this box with anyone and calories don't count when it's darkest February and you're single.

Finally, if a night with the girls is on the cards I love this pencil skirt and cropped top for a cute going out outfit and as it's well known that retail therapy is a cure for every single woe going I'd definitely recommend hitting pause on the Netflix and snapping up a little self-gift. To Me, Love From Me.

PS. Mummy Lipstick will be quick to point out that I'm actually not spending V-day alone this year. We are having a mother and daughter cinema date to see 50 Shades of Grey. We have both read the books (Mummy Lipstick's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom) and I'm sure the film will the cinematic event of the year I'm just not sure in what way... Anyway, off to connect with my inner goddess (oh my!) - have a lovely V-day however you chose to spend it!


  1. Oh Lily, I know what you mean haha - I don't have any plans on the 14th because most of my friends are with boyfriends. Boo. 50 shades of grey with your mum? I could definitely not watch that with mine, she's far too conservative!! Your mum sounds awesome.

  2. Your mum sounds awesome! I loved Elijah Wood too so I can appreciate that crush ;)

    Maria xxx

  3. those short pyjamas are so cute! Your mum sounds great :) Happy Valentines :)
    Rebecca // xx


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