Monday, 2 February 2015

January Round-Up

Big sigh of relief - the first (and worst) month of the year is over. Yippee! January wasn't actually too bad, I cleared out my wardrobe, lost a few pounds (the weight variety not the ASOS retail therapy variety) and saved pounds of the monetary variety by embracing the night-in-watching-House-on-Netflix form of evening (maybe I'll start watching Breaking Bad in 2016!).

1. New year, new fragrance - Maison Martin Margiela is really unusual and a nice change from my usual pink-bottled scents.

2. Lunch at Wagamama.

3. Girl v Football - I saw Arsenal play and almost froze but it was fun.

4. Reading - working my way through Cloud Atlas at the moment - the ideal book for cold, dark nights as it does require some persistence but it's well worth it.

5. Saving in my £2 jar.

6. I blogged about detoxing your wardrobe for the new year.

7. New trainers - I am running the London Marathon this year so Saturday mornings are blocked out for long runs for the foreseeable future (and Friday nights are strictly nights in!).

8. London looking pretty (cold).

9. I blogged about afternoon tea at Bea's of Bloomsbury.

10. Dinner at Wahaca.

11. I blogged about lunch at The Folly.

12. Dinner at Vapiano.

13. I blogged about my visit to God's Own Junkyard (and have since ordered this print - buying art, I must be a grown up now!)

14. I set up an Etsy store selling vintage patterns.

15. I went to a cheese and wine party (see, adult!) and took my favourite cheeses along.

16. I had my hair cut again at Taylor Taylor where they give you a free cocktail.

So that was January! It wasn't as awful as I thought (although I didn't do dry January so maybe that's why).

Parting words by Lena Dunham and love to the internet and my "internet friends":

True dat, Lena.
 How was your January?


  1. My January was not too bad! I made sure I had lots of plans as I just get gloomy if I'm not up to much. Looks like you had a good time too.
    On a side note, I think I need to change hairdressers and go to a place where you get a free cocktail.

  2. I had an awful january, but February has got off to a great start so I'm still hopeful for the rest of the year. Looks like you've been having lots of fun!

  3. I'm the same with January its always good to get it out of the way! Glad yours wasn't too bad, mine was pretty good!


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