Thursday, 15 January 2015

Spring Wishlist

Let's not kid ourselves, January is the worst month of the year. Getting on the tube at Bank the other day (an experience I seek to avoid at the best of times), I felt like the world was in black and white - between the grey sky and the black coats of the City folk there was no colour to be seen at all and the days of waking up and leaving work while its light outside feel like a long distant memory. Spring is still a far away event but as spring collections come in long before the weather turns remotely springlike, I'm already dreaming of spring fashion - I'm a summer person through and through and really can't get excited by coats and jumpers so let's pretend that it's March and that payday has arrived and let's dream of florals and pastels:

fashion blogger wishlist
Blue Silk Dress - Topshop Boutique, Pink Column Dress - M&S, Abstract Print Dress - M&S, Camisole - Topshop, Jacquard Skirt - Topshop, Cut-Out Slipper - Topshop

Dresses are my wardrobe staple whatever the season and this blue Topshop Boutique number is far too pretty to be hidden under a winter coat. I've not worn a lot of pink in the past but lately I have been obsessed with the colour - I think my shorter hair makes it a less girlie-girlie look. The bodycon would make a perfect work dress and the scallop-collared dress (both M&S) is just too cute (I can definitely imagine wearing this to the theatre or afternoon tea). Branching out from the dresses, the Topshop skirt and cami would make a perfect spring outfit (and the skirt would work now with a knit until bare arms can even be contemplated). Slipper flats are going to be on my feet once it stops raining and, again, I couldn't resist the pink!

What are you looking forward to wearing this spring?


  1. You've really got me in the mood to go shopping for a spring wardrobe. All of those colours are so pretty!

  2. I need it to be Spring asap. I am so bored of winter weather and winter fashion.
    I love these pieces. The colour palette is the best.

  3. OK so now I NEED that Boutique dress and the scalloped collar one!

    Maria xxx

  4. The M&S dress is beautiful!!!!!!

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