Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy 2015

Here's to hoping that it will be!

Pineapple on the beach. More of this in 2015 please.
Hopefully we are all eased in to the new year now? 1 January always seems like a bad day to start thinking about resolutions - hangovers, the post-Christmas blues setting in and "when is my ASOS sale order going to turn up" angst do not a good combination make.

The year just gone saw me become too old to have a "quarter life crisis" (thank goodness) and saw me take a leap into real, proper adulthood - home ownership. Although the subsequent weeping on the realisation that a new wooden floor, a washing machine and quarterly service charge payments are basically several Mulberry bags and a pair of Louboutins thrown in for good measure was maybe less grown-up. I travelled, created amazing memories with my friends (who are total baes for putting up with me sometimes) but also felt like I lost a fair few along the way too (well, grew apart for a whole range of reasons all of which can be blamed on growing up).

My 2015 goals (because resolutions just makes me think of boring things like "lose weight" "drink less" etc):

1. Be a warrior not a worrier. Thanks to Sarah for this phrase but it's one I need to remember more often as worrying never really solved anything. If something is meant to be then its meant to be and if it isn't then there's no point worrying that' its because I said the wrong thing, did the wrong thing, wore the wrong clothes etc.

2. Take up a new hobby. My slight meltdown at having no NYE plans for the end of 2014 soon developed from "I have no friends and everybody hates me" to thinking that a new hobby is in order. I may or may not make new friends - I'm not sure if I even remember how to - as a result but I'll hopefully have some fun and learn something.

3. Save money. As previously mentioned, I am an adult. I have a job. It is therefore unacceptable to reach the day before payday with £4.32 in my bank account. I also do not need any more clothes, shoes or handbags and when tempted must repeat the mantra "there will always be nice things that I want to buy and material things do not bring happiness" until the credit card is put away.

4. Eat better. I'm not going to start subsisting on kale or giving up G&Ts but I'd like to lose a bit of weight and feel happier and healthier about what I'm putting into my body (I successfully gave up my 5-a-day Diet Coke habit last year and am still proud of myself). Cakes are for special occasions and "it's 4pm on a Wednesday and I'm feeling a bit down and a bit tired" is not one.

5. Run (and enjoy running) the London Marathon. This one is terrifying but it's nice to have a challenge to look forward to (although it is also nice to lie in bed doing nothing but that isn't really a good story to tell these new friends I'm going to be making). I'm determined to train for it properly so that the day and the ~5 hours of running that it entails are as fun as they can be.

Also - read one book per month - paint my nails once per week - get my hair trimmed before it resembles a scarecrow - detox my wardrobe - visit somewhere new in the UK - no using my phone in bed (i.e. read instead)  - keep my flat tidy - drink more water - learn to cook something I wouldn't be embarrassed to serve to someone else.

What are your resolutions / goals for 2015?


  1. I definitely need to do a lot of these as well! Including cutting my hair on time and not every 8 months! Please tell me your no diet coke secret, I am suffering! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. I LOVE be a warrior, not a worrier, I need to have that written down everywhere!

    Maria xxx

  3. Happy New Year! Good luck with your goals <3 xo

  4. I found myself nodding along to so many of your resolutions, especially the ones about eating better and not using phones in bed! Good luck and happy new year x

  5. Hope you've had a lovely start to the new year!

    I love your first resolution. That's one I'm going to stick by and I'm definitely going to remember that phrase.

  6. I love that quote be a warrior not a worrier and found it a reassuring phrase for me earlier this year. Good luck with your goals for 2015.

  7. Love these goals, and that warrior not worrier is a great one as is the pre credit card mantra, will be trying that!


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