Monday, 5 January 2015

Brunch at Traiteur, Park Hyatt, Dubai

Warning: contains food porn, not suitable for those on January diets.

If you're visiting the UAE then Friday brunch is something you have to do - it's a great opportunity to "hotel hop" and mingle with tourists and locals alike. Brunch is maybe a bit misleading a name for the occasion as it's usually eaten between 1pm and 4pm - you definitely won't need breakfast or dinner that day so maybe Brunchinner or Breaklundin would be a more appropriate name?

Having consulted Time Out Dubai and some real life friends for recommendations I booked a table for my parents and I at Traiteur at The Park Hyatt on the Friday which happened to be Boxing Day (for us UK folks at least) and got ready to forget calories and the evils of sugar for one lunchtime only.

We sat inside - where our waiters kept our drinks topped up endlessly and we had the best view of the live band.
Mini starters in glasses. Friday brunches are usually buffet based but this one stood apart for its live cooking and for having loads of chefs on hand to ask what all the foods were!
Mini soups - I had avocado one and it was amazing and a perfect sized proportion given the range of foods on offer.
Vegetables - as it was Boxing Day we all ate a token Brussell Sprout! There's also a salad station, fresh breads and, of course, chips as side dishes.
Two pigs slowly roasted in the outside courtyard. A separate seafood room has oysters and sashimi and inside there are amazing roast meats and lobsters. The meat and fish is cooked or cut to order - including the special deep fried foie gras and lobsters for which Traiteur is best known.
Cheese before pudding, please.
The cheeseboard to end all cheeseboards (and waistlines). The cheeses helpfully state where they are from (country and animal). Mummy Lipstick took notes.
Macaroons because someone must've told them a blogger was coming.
Mini cakes for if you can't make your mind up (one of each!)
Apple crumbles, coffee mouses, chocolate trifles...
The room of sugar evils / give me one slice of everything. The Yule Log was particularly good.
Chocolate fountain for the children (Mummy Lipstick showing how it's done).
All of this was followed by a much-needed stroll around the beautiful hotel grounds alongside Dubai Creek. Best. Boxing. Day. Ever.


  1. Oh my gosh, yummm! This looks incredible Lily! Skipped breakfast today and I am definitely regretting it now. x

  2. Oh my good god, this looks amazing! I really should not be looking at this before lunch, I am now starving!

    Maria xxx

  3. So much yummy food! Looks like a great holiday :) x

  4. These food pictures are actually making my mouth water! xx

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