Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas Wreath Making

Ok, so it's December now so the expect a lot of Christmas over the next few weeks. I kicked off the festive good cheer last week with an evening of wreath making at Flor Unikon in Angel - as well as a crafty task I also borrowed the Samsung Galaxy Alpha to test out it's photo-taking abilities. Let's enter the flower shop and let the Christmas magic begin...

After settling in to the tiny but beautiful flower shop it was time for "wreath making 101" - the wreaths are made on a straw frame which comes from Norway with pieces of "Christmas tree" wired on. It's harder than it looks and requires concentration and two hands (breaking only for a sip of mulled wine and a nibble of a ginger cookie). Here is my finished wreath - I went for the natural look, the professionally made wreaths are a little less "bushy" looking...

Once the wreath is finished (the wire is cleverly fashioned into a hook so that it can be displayed) it's time for the (slightly) easier part - decoration. Paul the florist showed us how this can be done with either wire or a glue gun. I opted for a simple natural look using fruit and nuts and tried to create a "corsage" on the wreath rather than decorating it all over but you can go all-out with ribbons, bows and sparkles.

Me with the finished wreath. It's so satisfying to make something yourself from start to finish. The two hours flew by with all the concentration of making these. As someone who sits at a desk all day doing something hands on and creative is the best "brain break" there is (note to self: more creativity and less Netflix). Flor Unikon offer workshops all year round - perfect for a classy hen do or work team-building event.

Some close-ups of the decor - the Samsung camera is great at picking up detail in pictures. I thought I was a committed iPhone girl but the shiny new Samsung makes my rather beaten up iPhone look a little sad. The screen quality of the Alpha is amazing, pictures taken on it look real and there are loads of camera modes and options that you definitely don't need to carry a separate camera. The battery life is great, too, even with the huge screen and it's super easy to use (I love the weather report on the home screen - so British!).

Wreath making is hungry work so afterwards we headed to Moro for dinner, a middle-eastern inspired eatery in Exmouth Market (one of London's best foodie enclaves). I had seabass cerviche to start and vegetarian mezze for my main but couldn't resist snapping Rebecca's food too (blue cheese salad and pheasant - I'll be back!). The food was delicious and the Alpha's camera coped well with the candlelit restaurant - it detects low light and slows the shutter speed accordingly.

Have you got crafty for Christmas yet? And what phone tribe are you in?


  1. Ah food looks delish! I love the wreath too, I wanted to make one this year but don't think I will get round to it. I do have an iphone but the battery is useless so think I will try a samsung next! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. Ah this looks right up my street lily!

  3. Wreath making looks like so much fun. Your one came out great.

  4. iPhone all the way for me! I haven't got crafty yet although I'm hoping to find time to make some paper chain decorations. Love your wreath!

  5. Such a lovely idea. We have a shop bought wreath, but would love to make my own.


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