Sunday, 9 November 2014

Who run the world?

Last week I was in Waitrose, browsing the cake aisle (for those that don't know this blog well, cake and coffee are practically definitely food groups for me). I noticed firstly that the gingerbread men were reduced (possibly mistakenly) to 5p. This made me happy because I love bargains as much as I love cake. I also noticed that the other bakery offerings were "Mini Chocolate Men" and (un-pictured) "Mini Oaty Men" and "Mini Cinnamon Men". There I was thinking that it was impossible to find a man in London when all I had to do was go down to the Waitrose bakery aisle - look at them all lined up and waiting for me!

This got me thinking - where is our female representation among baked goods? Where were the biscuit women? How am I meant to strive for equality in the workplace if I am not represented in the bakery? I pondered this while biting the head off my 5p gingerbread man (while also noting that it may be symbolic that the men were "reduced" and that maybe I should present both sides of the argument here and wonder how this might make men feel).

This weekend in John Lewis, Mummy Lipstick pointed out this - Georgina the gingerbread lady. Finally some representation from the John Lewis partnership. A friend sent me this article about "organic genderless gingerbread figures" so I'm glad that some others have noticed this issue, and tried to address it in a way which is also inclusive for vegans. Apparently Reddit users do not feel the same way although I do not trust Reddit for looking like the internet used to look in 1999.

What do you think about gingerbread gender bias? Do we need more gingerbread women? 

(This post is meant to not be taken too seriously. Gingerbread people are yummy, regardless of which gender they are).

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  1. haha...interesting post sweetie, I really enjoyed this are right by saying that Gingerbread people are yummy, regardless of which gender they are..Happy Monday <3


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