Monday, 10 November 2014

Outfit Post - Having A Ball

I had Friday off work because I had an invite to a ball in the evening and wanted my getting ready routine to not involve the work loos in anyway whatsoever. Taking a day off maybe sounds a bit excessive but how often do you get to answer the "got any Friday night plans?" question with "oh, just off to a ball!" Seriously, we need more balls in life (of the Cinderella sort, what else could you possibly be thinking?). I so rarely get properly dressed up and make a real effort - the getting ready is definitely just as much of the fun as the actual event.

I swanned around for the day, got my haircut (bye bye 5 inches of sun bleached ends) and got ready listening to Taylor Swift (hair and general life inspo). I grabbed my camera five minutes before heading out the door and snapped some pictures, old school blogger style. No photographer boyfriend, no DLSR camera, just my old point and shoot propped on a pile of books. Keeping it real here. I kind of miss the days when blog photos were just people standing around in their bedrooms, seems quite quaint now really.

I know indoor pictures are the enemy of the "professional blogger" these days but let me off for these please because I finally have curtains and furniture in my flat so my beautiful new chair wanted to be in the post too. It's from the Ercol Outlet and I'm almost too scared to sit on it (you know you're old when you have a furniture page bookmarked).

Dress: Monsoon Fusion
Shoes: M&S (oldoldold)
Ring: YSL
Watch: Vintage


  1. Ah that dress! Gorgeous!

  2. That dress is lovely and I adore your new chair, Ercol is just ace!

    Maria xxx

  3. Sounds like such a fun way to spend a friday evening. Your dress is perfect. The colours are so pretty.

  4. Wow, the back of that dress is super original and interesting! On another note, these blogging "rules" like the indoor pictures looking unprofessional makes me sad. I still don't have a tripod or someone to take pictures for me, but I actually take pleasure in experimenting to find the best spot and best way to make my pictures myself. And you don't always have to be professional, right? x

  5. You look great - love the back of that dress. Hope you had fun at the ball!

    Gem x | flutter and sparkle

  6. Love that dress and the chair! Yep, I sometimes feel like I'm a terrible blogger for posting badly lit mirror selfies for outfit shots but perhaps I can just claim I'm being old school ;-)

  7. There definitely need to be more balls in modern life. Love your dress! :) x

  8. I really like your pictures I am new to blogging and need to master the (not looking awkward in photos) pose!!


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