Saturday, 22 November 2014

Christmas Giftguide / Wishlist

Unless you've been hibernating (let me in on the secret if so) then it's pretty hard to escape the fact that CHRISTMAS IS COMING. We've had the John Lewis advert, the Oxford Street lights turned on by the B-list celebs of the moment and Halloween feels like an age ago already (although my head and wardrobe are still stuck in late summer and that's probably not going to change). Whether you are a "most wonderful time of the year" type or more of a bah humbug-er you are definitely going to have to give, and hopefully will receive, some gifts. I have put together my wishlist, which also acts as a gift guide for gin-loving, city-dwelling, mid-twenties girls (ahem) because I really have no idea what your mum / dad / second-cousin-twice-removed wants for Christmas. I don't even know what a second-cousin-twice-removed is, maybe they'd like vouchers?

And, remember, kids: it's the thought that counts. This time of year always seems like a bit of a frenzy of eating, drinking and spending, all mixed in with a side of FOMO and a tinge of disappointment that your Christmas wasn't like the John Lewis advert (although this year that seems unlikely unless we all morph into penguins) or that you didn't get a puppy / a diamond ring / Benedict Cumberbatch in your Christmas stocking. Remember that whatever you do give, they will love it regardless (although that isn't ever an excuse to buy someone socks) and that whatever you get you will smile graciously and do you best Kate-Middleton-opening-a-children's-home face because there are people having a far worst time of it than you not being bought something you wanted (if you're an employed adult you can probably buy it for yourself, yes?). Ok, back to the materialism we go...definitely not thinking of Cumberbatch and stockings...definitely not... 

1. Gin Advent Calender 

An early Christmas present but this really is a gift that keeps giving all month long and you can't say that about some of the truly awful items that the shops are trying to make us believe are "Christmas gifts". One of the best things about being an adult is that you can skip the weird aftertaste advent calender chocolates for a daily bottle of gin with Master of Malt's Ginvent calendar. These might be useful when seeing the John Lewis Christmas advert for the bazillioneth time, for helping to wind down after a long day of enforced merriment or for a pre-party tipple. If you or your giftee are not a gin fan there are also whiskey, vodka and rum versions here.

2. Barbour Scarf

Shopping for clothes for others rarely works out well (sorry, daddy, but mummy did not like those yellow shorts) but a scarf is never going to be the wrong size for anyone and who doesn't like a tartan scarf? It's cold outside and this Barbour tartan number will keep me / you warm well into 2015. This is probably the only gift on my list that a boy would probably like too.

3. Dressing gown

If, like me, you're increasingly swapping FOMO for JOMO (joy of missing out, kids!) and feeling all the better for it then you're going to need some decent JOMO attire. This DKNY dressing gown is super cosy without being granny-ish and along with Netflix and almond milk hot chocolates forms an essential part of the "survive January and February" kit.

4. Statement Necklace

Statement jewellery is always a good gift choice - again, it's not fraught with having to pick a size and statement necklaces are still everywhere and there really is something for everyone. This Accessorize necklace is perfect for the party season and will look great in dreary January and February over a simple black roll neck. It's also a perfect price point if you're doing a Secret Santa or are on a tight budget.

5. iPhone case

My poor iPhone 4S has definitely seen better days and I have my eye on an iPhone 6 for a little self gift in the new year. My new purchase will obviously need protecting against life in my handbag and this Lanvin case is a super cute way of preventing it getting knocked around too much. Perfect for gifting too if you're shopping for a designer fan but don't have the budget - tech accessories are often the most affordable way of getting a label fix and it's something you can use everyday.

6. Benefit Feelin' Dandy Lip and Cheek Kit

Make up would usually fall in the same category of clothes i.e. just don't bother trying to buy it for someone else but this Benefit set features some of the brand's most popular products in suits-all shades. Perfect for busy girls and for after work touch ups - Posie Tint is one of my favourite benefit products and it's even sweeter in miniature size.

7. Kiehls Creme de Corps

I love giving luxe versions of every day products - something that someone wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves but would use every day is often the best sort of gift. This cult body cream from Kiehls is a holy grail for a lot of beauty bloggers and it's the perfect antidote to dry winter skin. The packaging means that it definitely won't get banished to the back of a dusty cupboard along with the "smellies" giftsets which just scream "I bought this on Christmas Eve".

8. Louboutins

I know, I know, I've already said that wearable purchasers are fraught with "what size" difficulties but let's say you already know someone who owns a pair of Loubs, say, in a size 37.5 and has tried on all the styles and knows which ones she likes? Well, these red soled beauties would make one hell of a Christmas gift and the Pigalle style are a true style classic that can be worn year round. Or maybe just kept inside for a bit to admire the beauty of an unscuffed red sole.

9. Lush Spa

Stepping right back from the cliff edge of materialism but studies have shown that we actually derive more happiness from experiences rather than things. I can't argue with science and think that the scientists would approve of a Lush Spa voucher for a deep tissue massage - perfect for dealing with the January blues and getting some me-time after the party season. Vouchers are often seen as cop-out gifts but if they're for something specific they can be great - especially if someone already has everything and lives in a tiny little flat and really doesn't have room for anything else.

10. Made Cushions
You've officially arrived in Grownupsville when home furnishings make it onto a Christmas list. Whether you are kitting out your own place or bringing a personal touch to a rented home these cushions will definitely brighten things up with their nautical-but-nice designs. How adorable is the yellow porthole?

What's on your Christmas list? Share your gift guides and wishlists in the comments below...



  1. I'm so desperate to try some more from Kiehl's!

  2. Ohh that scarf is gorgeous! x

  3. I love gift guides! Will be posting mine next week. I'm after some REN skincare .

  4. Nice gift ideas! I'd love to receive a pair of Louboutins!

    xo T.

  5. I love that gin calendar! I have Gossip Girl DVDs (ahem) and Brit Stitch goodies on my wishlist!

    Maria xxx

  6. The barbour scarf is so nice :) Might have to make a sneaky purchase for myself :)

    Hannah x
    Paloma in Disguise x

  7. I've asked for cushions, nooooooo! I didn't realise this made me an adult haha!


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