Wednesday, 5 November 2014

#AngelAddiction - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Today we're feeling fragrant. Thierry Mulger's Angel has been a classic fragrance since I was in my teens and first started using perfume (oh so grown-up!).

Angel's new campaign #AngelAddiction has got me thinking about what I can't live without, past memories and future plans - I thought I'd link these all to scents as a scent can often be the most powerful reminder of a time, a place or a person (the smell of Angel always makes me think of my friend, C, its her signature scent so I feel like a bit of a copycat wearing it!). I've been following #AngelAddiction on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook where there is always inspiration and some fragrant escapism from a dull day!

Past: Not the most glamorous of scents but the smell of old library books takes me back to university days, despite the fact that really, most of my studying was done in front of a computer reading PDF journal articles but that doesn't have a nostalgic smell, does it? The smell of flowers is there for the summer just gone - one of the best ever - and all the memories from it. Interestingly, despite Angel being seen a very girlie fragrance it doesn't have any floral notes but my personal mood board needs some to balance it out!

Present: Coffee! I love the smell of coffee and it's kind of a life essential. Weekend afternoons spent sitting in coffee shops gossiping with friends or my myself with a good book are just the best. I'll have an iced soya latte, please (or a soya cappuccino with lots of chocolate on top if its cold).

Future: The future scent is unknown - but it involves travel, adventure and new experiences represented by the train tracks disappearing into the distance.

What scents remind you of your past? And what are your current favourites?

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