Monday, 3 November 2014

A Weekend Out of the City - Fleetville Vintage Emporium

I popped home to my parents' house this weekend. I offered to cook them brunch and they were sceptical but Mummy Lipstick brought the ingredients and I made The Londoner's eggy nests - they were amazing, possible due to the gruyere cheese and not my cooking skillz.

After brunch we headed to the Fleetville Vintage Emporium just outside of St Albans. I can't believe I had never been here before - the shop is an Aladdin's cave of vintage treasures and sells pretty much anything you could need to furnish your home and fill your wardrobe.. I managed to resist a beautiful vintage Laura Ashley dress and picked up an old school desk for my flat for £35 - Daddy Lipstick is "upcycling" it for me (i.e. removing the school kid graffitti and stuck on chewing gum - lucky him, eh?) and I'll show you it in its "after" state soon.

Polka dots <3 td="">
Really wanted to buy this to re-create the Don't Look Back Into The Sun video 

The Alley Cats Emporium is out the back - there's also a cute vintage tea room which is on my agenda for next time.

Cat Lady.


After a hard afternoon's browsing we headed to John Lewis for free coffee and cake (get a My John Lewis card pronto if you don't already have one). I had millionaire's shortbread and a giant coffee. I always think that its such a quaint name for a cake - if I were actually a millionaire I think I'd want a bit more than biscuit, caramel and chocolate. But I'm not and biscuit, caramel and chocolate is good regardless. 



  1. Free coffee? I'm signing up!
    What a cute store, I love the way everything is displayed.

  2. I love such delightful!!! All those hats and vintage dresses are like a dream!!! And a free cuppa....perfect to end the day!!

    Love <3


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