Friday, 3 October 2014

Shanghai: Dumpling Walking Tour

While researching things to do in Shanghai I started to become tempted by the idea of a Chinese cookery course. I can barely cook anything at home but that didn't deter me - for all I knew, I could be a secret master of Chinese cooking. I booked onto Untour's Dumpling Delights which promised a mix of cooking dumplings, eating dumplings and some walking to burn them off.

After meeting our guide, Jen, we explored the French Concession area, stopping off at street food stalls to try various dumplings. Having walked past similar stalls but without any clue as to what they were selling or how to order anything it was great to have a Chinese-speaking guide to help out! Dumplings are typical Shanghai street food fare and are even eaten for breakfast. We tried a few from street stalls and tiny restaurants before heading to our cooking lesson.

"Pot-sticker" dumplings
Giant breakfast pancake
Xiaolongbao soup dumplings from a tiny street-side restaurant.
Testing out my rolling skillz.
Attempting to fold the dumpling.
Our cooking lesson taught us how to cook shengjianbao - a dough-y dumping with a pork filing. I look very happy with mine despite them not being uniform-sized.
After our cooking lesson, we headed to a wet market - an eye-opening sight if you've not been to one before. Our last stop was at a tiny cafe for steaming bowls of wonton soup to end our eating and cooking experience.

While I don't think I'll be trying to re-create these at home it was such a fun day learning more about Shanghainese food and eating a lot of it on the way!

Do you like dumplings?



  1. Ah his looks like a blast lily!

  2. This looks so fun, I love eating dumplings so definitely want to do this if I ever go to Shanghai x


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