Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Halloween in Haggerston - Las Maravillas

Last night I had dinner plans with my friend I but instead we hopped on the bus to Haggerston for a spooky themed evening hosted by The Dreamery. Arriving at a rather 1970s looking building on a residential street it was clear that this wasn't going to be a regular Tuesday evening. We checked in our bags and were told we'd have a bit of a wait until our group was called in but that there was a bar area. No complaints! Once our group was called we were ushered outside and into the basement for a trip to "Las Maravillas", an Aztec "Day Of The Dead" inspired art installation.

My invite didn't give away an awful lot - other than that "those of a nervous disposition" wouldn't find the event suitable (do I have one of these, I wondered). Without wanting to give too much away, parts of the experience were genuinely quite scary, the performances were intense and you really do lose all sense of time and perspective while probably only moving between a few small rooms underground. Las Maravillas is a mix between art gallery and performance - the actors interact with the audience and guide you through the "maze" of rooms. Every room is decorated differently and its clear that a huge amount of effort has gone into the project. The rooms have quite a "homemade" charm to them but it was the performances that really stood out and made it scary.

Despite the darkness, my friend managed to snap a few pictures (with permission). We headed back to the City and popped into Yard for a quick dinner afterwards (toyed with the idea of ordering a yard of pizza, decided that was unwise), in agreement that it had been a really fun and different evening. We're definitely in the Halloween spirit now (haha).

The installation is running until 1st November and tickets are available here.

How are you celebrating Halloween?



  1. This looks like so much fun! I think I will be watching some scary movies and waiting for the trick or treaters to knock at the door.

  2. ohh looks like you had such a fun hallowen night!!


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