Tuesday, 7 October 2014

China: Hangzhou and Qibao

Hopping back to China now... Sometimes after even a short time in a big city you need to escape.

First up, I headed to Hangzhou for the day on Wednesday - Hangzhou is a big city in its own right but is famous for West Lake, a serene spot for feeling like you've escaped the high rises and Western chain stores, even if the city itself is obscured by fog / pollution. I booked a day trip through Viator for an easy way to see the sites - although you can also take a train from Shanghai to Hangzhou which is quicker and cheaper, the traffic heading out of Shanghai makes the M25 look like a country lane...

After exploring the gardens, taking a boat trip across the lake and visiting a tea plantation we stopped off at a pagoda before heading back to the city feeling ready for the bright lights again.

On Saturday I headed to Qibao. Qibao is towards the end of Metro Line 9 and is a traditional Chinese watertown. Nowadays its a pretty big tourist destination but it's beautiful all the same and a nice break from the big city. Despite being touristy its definitely not Westernised and the street food snacks on offer were rather interesting (deep fried ducking on a stick and more)! I had a great day wandering the river banks, climbing the steps of a pagoda and people watching before finding a shady spot and immersing myself in The Secret History before the metro-ride back.



  1. Lovely clicks <3 The city looks really beautiful with the scenic beauty!!

  2. All of that dim sum looks amazing! I've always wanted to visit China, it's definitely on my bucket list.


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