Tuesday, 9 September 2014

An Early Birthday Weekend in The City

My birthday isn't for over a week but as I'll unfortunately be on holiday on the day itself so I celebrated this weekend, too. I'm not usually one to over-do the "birthday" thing but any excuse to catch-up with friends and eat cake! On Friday night I had birthday gin with my non-internet friends (yes, I do have those) but being almost 27 I was in bed (just) before midnight with a late night snack of macaroons thanks to my friend, K. Maybe I am growing up? The weekend looked like this:

Saturday morning pancakes topped with frozen banana, chia seeds and coco nibs. I am getting better at making these
Daddy Lipstick's birthday was on Saturday so my parents popped over for coffee and cake - Waitrose's finest for Daddy!
I spent the afternoon running pre-holiday errands and enjoying this pretentious but incredible drink from Wholefoods.
Sunday morning run - the Queen's barge was also taking a trip along the Thames.
Sunday dressing up - Topshop lace top and F+F Mistress lipstick. I didn't get changed out of gym clothes or wear make-up on Saturday so it was nice to make an effort again (although equally nice not to the day before and I did bump into two people I knew who still recognsied me sans make-up).
Hannah and I visited the Digital Revolution at the Barbican - this is the Will.I.Am experience - a 3D room which was amazing and rather odd at the same time.
Hannah the Phoenix.
Tea time! I'd booked a table at the Barbican Lounge and we sat outside which was lovely - the weather on Sunday afternoon was surprisingly amazing!
Central London at its best when it doesn't feel like central London.
We all agreed that the children's afternoon tea sounds rather appealing...
The afternoon tea was really good - pleasantly surprised for the price! The above is for two and it was plenty! The sandwiches were good, especially the egg one which would not be my usual first choice. The scones were some of the best I've ever tasted - I kind of wish there were more of them! The cakes were very varied - the best was definitely the lemon tart, again something I wouldn't usually pick out. The banana cake was good too. I thought the blondie would be my favourite but it wasn't amazing, not bad, but no way as good as the lemon tart! The service was so-so but once we'd sorted out what we wanted the tea was topped up and we were left to gossip away.
Presents from the girls - spot on! The G&T shower gel might have to be saved for weekends so that people at work don't think I've had G&Ts for breakfast... (although if my friends at the weekend think that, it's ok and they're probably right*)
*Please drink gin sensibly and preferably not for breakfast (unless its a special occasion).
How did you celebrate your last birthday?


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