Thursday, 3 July 2014

Festival Fash Pack

I've just come back from Glastonbury but the festival season is far from over. Duo Boots challenged me to put together an outfit featuring their Idaho boots so I thought I'd share some of my festival picks which would also work for city life, too:

Boots - Duo; Rucksack, Jumper, Leggings, Hat, Sunglasses, Waterproof, Dress - all Topshop
When it's not a mud-fest like most of Glastonbury was, the Idaho boots would be perfect- the heel might help me see a bit more of the bands rather than the back of the head of the person standing in front of me! Proper shoes are a festival essential - one does not want to brave a portaloo in flip-flops... I cringed every time I saw someone do this. Don't.

Layering is the key to festival dressing (and dressing in England pretty much most of the time) as the weather can change dramatically during the course of a day. A floral sundress, leggings and a cosy jumper should definitely be in your festival rucksack. Remember it gets cold at night so while you may not think you need a jumper in the summer, you probably do. A hat is an easy way to disguise messy hair and protect you from the sun if does make an appearance.

Store your money, phone, camera and suncream / pack-a-mac in a rucksac or bumbag - it leaves your hands free for holding your drink and dancing. It's not like there's anywhere to put your bag down! Also see above re portaloos... It might not be the done think in the real world, but at a festival dancing in wellies, a bumbag and a jumper is perfectly normal (and in a way more enjoyable than the 6-inch heels and is-this-too-short dress that you'd dig out for a home night out).

Finally, get ready for rain - a lightweight waterproof will be your best purchase, get one you can fold away or tie around your waist when you're not wearing it. Sunglasses are an essential even if the sun isn't out and a festival is the perfect opportunity to sport a novelty pair to disguise the fact that you went to bed at 6am and were woken an hour later by your "tent neighbours" having a lively guitar singalong...

What are your festival picks?



  1. Seriously love those sunglasses!

  2. I love this look - I am not much of one for festivals, but I like the idea of bringing a bit of festival style to the city!

  3. Tights, shorts and wellies were always my must haves! Love those leggings!

  4. Similar tastes, I love all your picks...especially the sunglasses AND that gingham mac! I think you've got it spot on, sort out footwear for festivals and you'll be fine! xx


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