Sunday, 20 July 2014

A (Hot) Weekend In The City

After weeks of berating the English summer weather, it's finally hot. Albeit with a few massive thunderstorms. I do love a bit of extreme weather, its nice to be reminded that nature is still in control (but that your iPhone forecast is actually quite accurate for timing the downpours). 

Celebrating the start of the weekend with my new addiction - frozen yogurt frappuccinos. Just when I thought I was over my Starbucks obsession. 

Walking from the City to Camden because this weather is not for taking the tube in. Thought these buildings looked like they were made of Lego in the evening sunshine.

Despite living in London for almost 7 years, I still spot new things and I hope that never stops - tired of London, tired of life. This 1920s style cat adorned building caught my eye.

Waiting for Conor Oberst to come on stage at Koko. Slight deja-vu to last Wednesday when I saw him in the same venue and a throwback to my younger days when many a night was spent dancing at Club NME here.

Conor during the encore. I've seen Conor Oberst / Bright Eyes a fair few times and the shows are always so great, he has the nicest fans and its always a pretty chilled out affair. I'm a bit too old for the mosh-pit these days.

Decorating my nails with some nail wraps from the Topshop sale. I used to paint my nails all the time but realised I hadn't even unpacked my box of nail polishes since I moved flat.

Whitecross Street market is well known for its weekday lunchtime offerings but once a year the party extends into the weekend too. Sunshine, friends, street food and a water squirting wheelie bin on the loose made for a fun Saturday. Again, many thanks to the person who invented G&T in a can.

The lake at the Barbican Centre is one of my favourite spots in London. It's in the heart of the City and yet so peaceful that its very easy to forget where you are. Spotted this mother duck taking a swim with her ducklings.

Almost wanting to jump in to the lake to cool off.

Sunday - seems like this isn't the weather for lie-ins. My flat felt about as hot as my tent at Glastonbury which reminded me that I hadn't been on a run since my run around the festival site. I sneakily stopped for a few more Books About Town pictures:

 The last one is Bridget Jones' Diary, in case you were wondering. 

My friend P and I spent the afternoon sitting by the Barbican Lake. I matched my cake to my nails. 

I finally made it to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Barbican - definitely one of the best fashion exhibitions I've been to for a while. The pieces on display were so varied, from Breton stripes to...slightly less wholesome outfits! 

How was your weekend?


  1. I love the Books around London!! I haven't spotted any myself unfortunately so now I am going to vicariously live through you!

    Steph x

  2. Great post, cool photos xx


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