Friday, 20 June 2014

The Underground Cookery School

As a reluctant / novice / unskilled cook (delete as appropriate) I was excited but also a little bit apprehensive when I was invited to attend a "light and summery" cookery class at The Underground Cookery School. The proposed menu sounded absolutely delicious and while I had every confidence in being able to i) eat it and ii) photograph it I was rather doubtful at my ability to actually cook it. Messing around in the kitchen baking fairy cakes a few times a year is one thing but raw meat...raw knives and, well, sharp knives!!! Terrifying for a self-confessed and rather clumsy undomestic goddess.

Once I had found the venue (hint: the door has "201" marked right above it and as the name suggests, the cookery school is in the basement), my worries slightly abated as we were presented with an endless supply of fizz and some (pre-made) canapes. Donning an Underground Cookery School apron made me look the part far more than I felt it and getting stuck in with the prep work was the perfect ice-breaker for chatting with the other attendees.

We helped to make a three course menu of sea bass with asparagus, chicken with new potatoes and broad beans and a strawberry roulade. Everything looked and tasted amazing, even more so having helped to prepare it ourselves - filleting a fish was pretty terrifying but it was well worth it once we were tucking in to the fruits of our labours. As someone with a rather sweet tooth, the dessert was predictably my favourite - the meringue was so light and fluffy and nothing tastes more of summer than strawberries. 

The Underground Cookery School is such a fun and welcoming place, whether you are a keen cook looking to hone your skills or a complete novice just looking to have some fun and eat some delicious food. The school offers events for work or party groups - as cooking is so hands on its a great ice-breaker so it'd be great for a work bonding activity or a hen do if you have a group of friends who don't already all know one another. One thing is for sure - you won't leave hungry!

Have you been to a cookery lesson?


  1. I would love to attend a cookery class (I really want to improve what I can already do - my knife skills are lacking!). The food you made and ate looks fab, right up my street! x

  2. A lovely post it was a wonderful evening and it was great to meet you. Shame we were on such a long table but I am sure I will get to chat with you at other events. Lucy x

  3. This all looks AMAZING Lily!

  4. I'm going to attempt to make that roulade. Stupid? Potentially! It might not turn out as well without you scooping the filling on to it this time though!


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