Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Summer Beauty Round-Up

Summer is upon us (at last!) and as well as the usual suncream, I've been trying out a few new products for the season of bare legs and lunch break sunbathing - this may not be the reality of an English summer but it helps to be prepared for the days that the sun does decide to make an appearance.

balance me super toning cream*, Soap & Glory Sit Tight*, Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser^ and a nice floral headband from Spitalfields Market which I've been wearing at every possible opportunity.

The Nivea product was pretty hyped last year when it was launched, I did buy it at the time but didn't repurchase but with summer now here it's a great addition to my shower routine. The product is like a conditioner but for your skin, not your hair. The formula hasn't changed since I last tried it although I think the bottle is a little sleeker. The scent is the traditional Nivea scent which I don't mind and it doesn't linger on my skin once its been rinsed off. I have seen that there are some new fragrances now so I'd be keen to try those too. As someone who is too lazy to put on body lotion this product is perfect, it's so quick to use, leaves my skin feeling soft and is really fuss-free. Very affordable and widely available, too.

balance me is a range that I have so far been really impressed with. Their super toning body cream is designed to enhance tone and circulation and contains 99% natural ingredients including sweet almond, rice bran and meadow foam oils which contain fatty acids and vitamins. The herbal fragrance comes from the juniper, bergamot, geranium and lavender essential oils - I love the smell of this product, it's refreshing and not over-powering. The texture is lovely and light so it's a perfect summer body cream. It's £18 for a generous sized tube and while it might be a little pricier than your standard body cream I think the high quality natural ingredients make it worth the splurge.

Soap & Glory always manage to combine effective products with a good dollop of humor. Their Sit Tight targeted lower body firming and smoothing serum comes in an industrial looking tube with a roller ball attachment - I don't think I've ever seen a product quite like this, it looks like it means business! The product has a sweet but peppery fragrance thanks to the Pinkpepperslim-lipo-F8 and the sweet orange peel essential oil. The product claims to make skin feel firmer within 14 days but this is nicely qualified by the "reality check" on the back - no product is going to be a substitute for eating properly and maybe, occasionally, doing some exercise (if only!). The roller ball is a really quick way to apply the product and it feels cool and tingly on application, you really can feel it getting to work. The ingredients are further activated when you actually SIT on them, hence the name. It dries quickly and doesn't feel heavy or stick so, again, perfect for summer! This is also £18 but packs a lot of scientific ingredients and its pretty potent so a little goes a long way.

Have you tried any of these products?

* PR Samples
^ C/o Look Reader Magazine Panel


  1. I'm always about the toning creams!

  2. I've been really intrigued by the Nivea moisturiser!

  3. I love the new Sit Tight but wow. That's what I call feeling the burn!

    - Elodie x

  4. What do you think of toning creams? Do you find they work or are they a waste of money?


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