Friday, 16 May 2014

Le Cafe Des Chats

The best thing about re-visiting a city is that you can pick slightly more unusual destinations - Le Cafe Des Chats being one of them. Cat cafes seem to be in vogue at the moment (my post on London's kitty offering is here) and my friend C whom I was visiting in Paris is a cat lover so a few weeks before my visit I booked us a table (you can book via the website if your French is a little rusty - it gets booked up very quickly, especially at weekends!).

After being welcomed at the front desk we headed downstairs to a cosy underground cafe, tables and squishy sofas fill every little nook and cats are everywhere - sleeping on chairs and roaming around the cafe. The rules are simple - don't wake up sleeping cats, don't feed them human food (the cakes are far too good for the kitties, sorry!) and don't take photos with the flash on.

We ordered tea and nutella muffins which were amazing - the menu offers coffee and cake to full meals. All the food looked delicious and the prices are reasonable for Paris (you'd pay the same in a cafe sans cats!)
This little fellow peered over the edge of the stairs at us as we ate our cakes.
Optional piano playing and a handy guide to the cats' names.
The cats definitely feel at home here - our neighbouring diner had her bag searched by this one!
At 6pm it was feeding time and every cat suddenly appeared in the main room for its dinner.
This cutie was my favourite - look at its eyes! The cats are all rescue cats and its really lovely that Le Cafe Des Chats has given them a home where they have no shortage of human attention!
I made a new friend - the cats are very used to people and this one just wandered right up to me! I think cat cafes are a great idea - whether like C you're a cat lover who can't have one at home or if you're a cat newbie like me its lovely to spend a few hours around cats (and supposedly good for our health too). We said our final goodbyes before leaving the cosy cafe and heading back out into bustling Paris!
Have you visited a cat cafe?

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