Thursday, 22 May 2014

Insta-Updates: May

Finally, summer feels like it is here. May has been busy busy busy between bank holiday weekends and hopping on the Eurostar to Paris but here's what's been happening in the meantime...

1. Loved (but did not buy) this bag in Aldo. It's taken a while but I've finally realised that I have too much stuff.

2. Breakfast at Bill's - the granola is so nicely presented. Wish I could eat all my food out of little jars (although washing up is horrible enough chore as it is).

3. Koi carp in the Barbican conservatory. A nice little escape from London.

4. Tea and cake in John Lewis - my monthly freebie (and reward for braving Oxford Street on a Saturday).

5. Bought a fridge and it came with the most ridiculous amount of bubble wrap. Stood and jumped on it while hoping that my neighbours didn't think I had a bad case of wind.

6. Made some little crispie cakes for Aisling's birthday.

7. Chicken skewers for dinner at Bill's on Clink Street (Bill is clearly the favourite man in my life right now).

8. A pre-Globe theatre mocha to survive 3 hours of sitting outside. Sarah and I saw Titus Andronicus which was suitably bloody and gory!

9. Paris purchases - French Glamour (to help me learn French because I've banned buying magazines), Sephora minis and some shoes from Antoine & Lili (oops sorry shopping ban).

10. Got my hair trimmed at Tomoyaki and Co - changing it up a bit with a centre parting and wearing it straight.

11. Bibimbap at Kimchee after watching the FA cup final with Hannah in a pub - bloggers watch football definitely makes a change from our normal activities!

12. St Katherine's Dock in the sun - definitely one of my favourite places in London when the weather is nice, so pretty and peaceful.

What have you been up to in May?


  1. The telephone bag is so cute! I bet that was hard to put back on the shelf.

  2. The telephone bag is so cute! I bet that was hard to put back on the shelf.

  3. Still adore that Aldo bag!

  4. Your hair looks great! I'm hoping to get a trim of mine next week but I'm starting to consider growing it again!


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