Monday, 26 May 2014

A (Bank Holiday) Weekend In The City

Another Bank Holiday (not complaining, definitely not complaining it just feels like we don't have one for ages and then they all come in one go).

Friday evening I headed to my friend C's house-warming party. Easy summer waves are created by twisting damp hair into a bun post-gym, leaving it to dry all day at work and then taking it out and scrunching a bit of hair spray through. Summer make-up is waterproof mascara due to all the eye-itching pollen in the air at the moment and subtle red lips.

I "drove" the bus home and took in all the sites of London on the way. Felt smug at only having two drinks and not being the girl who was quite literally rolling in the gutter somewhere near Dalston.

Saturday's errands included becoming a member of the Barbican Arts Centre and joining the Barbican Library - despite memories from student days, I do find being in libraries very calming (and yay, free books!). I popped into the Food Hall for some lunch and had this colouful plate.

I'm on the look out for old school furniture for my flat and bought this science lab stool on eBay - it was collection only so off I went to Clapham to pick it up. Thankfully no one tried to sit on it on the tube.

Sunday morning and no lie in for me. I laced up my trainers and power walked across town for the Bupa 10,000. This was my third year of doing the race - it's one of my favourites as the route is lovely and there's always such a good atmosphere. This year the weather was perfect and while I am never going to be a super runner (I got overtaken by an 85 year old man) I do love doing races - running with so many other people is really motivating (you can't really just decide to stop when your feet hurt a bit) and crossing the finish line always feels like a bit of a winning moment for someone who hid in the toilets during school games lessons.

Sunbathing in Green Park with my medal. It was a nice day so had a wander around the West End and did some browsing, all still in sweaty running clothes - seems acceptable when thousands of other people are doing the same.

Sushi for lunch from the Japan Centre, definitely the best take-away sushi in London. Apparently it is ok to eat salty foods after running so it was all liberally dipped in soy sauce without any salt intake guilt. The inari pockets on the left are an acquired taste I am told but they are my favourite.

Today will be spent sorting things out for mine and Hannah's trip to Barcelona later in the week (we're going to Primavera so suncream and festival appropriate outfits are required), finishing my current read (Bret Easton Ellis' Glamorama) and watching Breaking Bad (only 5 years behind everyone else).

How have you spent the Bank Holiday weekend?


  1. Sounds like a fun bank bank holiday weekend. Well done on the race. It's a huge achievement.

  2. Congrats on the run again Lily!

  3. Well done on the race! Love that seat, I've been trying to find some vintage stuff for our flat but but no joy so going with ikea hacks instead!

  4. Congrautlations on your run + if you ever want to paint your lab chair, come to me x

  5. Sounds like a lovely weekend! We've just picked up an antique rocking chair for the baby and are totally in love with it.


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