Sunday, 6 April 2014

Kerb - An Eater's Guide

Continuing with the "summer of street food" theme from the last post... Despite the weather being a bit less than summery on Friday due to the smog (us Londoners are a lucky bunch, eh?) I was still excited to head along to Kerb for some street food offerings.

For the indecisive foodie, Kerb is a nightmare - there are so many stalls to choose from and everything looks amazing! For veggies / vegans / gluten free folk there are options if you look around (despite the prevalence of meat on most of the stalls). 

Starting with the mains...

Capish? serves Italo-American sandwiches and meatballs
What The Dickens! serves traditional English dishes which seem almost novel now that burritos and sliders are regular fare
Luardos serves up a range of burritos
Tongue 'n Cheek is one for the brave - the Heartbreaker Burger actually contains heart...
Vinn Goute serves up Seychelles food - something I had never tried before, the fish wrap was delicious and appropriately messy for street food
Drinks to wash it all down with - the Grapefruit and Green Tea Punch definitely has my name on it...
 If you still have room for dessert then Kerb has you covered:

Moto Yogo definitely had the cutest stall!

Batch Bakery specialises in unusual brownies - from raspberry to beetroot and they come with a variety of toppings

The best-named stall, You Doughnut, serves up mini doughnuts (spelled the proper English way) available in a variety of quantities
 Kerb is back from 6 - 8 June. See you there (bring some napkins)!



  1. What a lovely place! And oh dear so many yummy food! xx

  2. All of this looks yummy!

  3. This looks delicious, I wish there was more street food near me!

    Maria xxx

  4. Ooooh this looks good! How would I choose from all of that food?

  5. All are yummy and mouth watering...
    Tms therapy

  6. You see I just end up eating way too much at these things, I always need to try as much as possible! That looks awesome :-)


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