Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Gordon's With A Spot Of Elderflower

Everyone who knows me knows that my drink of choice is a G&T so I was intrigued to try Gordon's new "With A Spot of Elderflower" gin for the first time last week. With spring in the air, the launch is perfectly timed for alfresco gin drinking - elderflower makes me think of the English countryside so its perfect for adding a springlike touch to a G&T. 

At the very cool but very dark Worship Street Whistling Shop, Sophie and I started off our evening with an elderflower gin and tonic - I love how it is paired with strawberries rather than the usual lemon / lime / cucumber:

We were then treated to a history of Gordon's, complete with vintage bottles - I couldn't believe that this one was from the 1920s. The branding of the product hasn't changed much over the years and this cocktail-inspired bottle wouldn't look out of place at a party nowadays. Unfortunately the gin inside is long past its best (gin should only be kept for 5 years) but the bottle is still lovely!

Next up was a tasting with The Robin Collective - Brandy and Robin treated us to some taste experiments using Gordon's Elderflower. Did you know that some of us are "supertasters" and have very perceptive tastebuds which make for fussier eaters. Mild tasters, on the other hand, are less perceptive in the taste department but will have fewer dislikes! It turns out that gin tastes sweeter and nicer when drinking it while feeling something smooth textured and while listening to sweet tinkling piano music rather than the trombone? (One to bear in mind if you're looking for a soundtrack to a romantic evening!)

After all the gin themed activities, it was finally time for some cocktail making! Sophie and I tried our hand at being barmaids. It's harder than it looks!

We made a "Southwark Sour" which made a nice change from a G&T - the ingredients are a little harder to come across than tonic water but it's worth the effort as the end result is just so good:

50ml Gordon's With A Spot of Elderflower
25ml Lemon Juice
50ml Citrus Honey Water (make your own!)
15ml Raspberry Vinegar (Waitrose!)

Just shake the above up with some ice, strain into a glass and garnish with a raspberry!

Making the perfect G&T is much easier - Gordon's With A Spot of Elderflower is available in a pre-mixed can (perfect for summer picnics) and in a bottle for summer parties, just add tonic, garnish with a strawberry and you're done!

Are you a gin fan?


  1. ahhh gin and tonic, that's my choice as well :D with a splash of lime!

  2. Gin and elderflower is my favourite combination!

    Maria xxx


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