Saturday, 5 April 2014

Bleecker St. Burger

London's street food scene is serving up (sorrynotsorry) some pretty tasty offerings at the moment. I'm hoping that the coming summer is another hot one and that meals are eaten outside, without cutlery or any concerns of making a big old mess.

Bleecker St. Burger has parked its van on the Southbank opposite the skatepark  for the time being. Hannah and I popped along for a quick bite before seeing King Lear at the National Theatre (burger followed by Shakespeare being the cultural equivalent of combining Prada and Primark in the same outfit). We placed our orders and sat outside on the red and black striped tables, munching to the backdrop of classical music and skateboards skidding along the railings of the skatepark.

The menu is short and sweet - FYI, angry fries are fries with buffalo sauce and blue cheese. I opted for the veggie burger, swapping the blue cheese for American cheese, and a side of sweet potato fries. I'm in two minds whether I like that these are becoming more popular - I'm not a fan of normal potato fries but maybe need to start curbing my addiction to the sweet potato variety a bit and not ordering them every time I spot them on a menu!

The prices are not burger van cheap but this isn't the average burger van experience, everything is cooked to order and top notch quality. My veggie burger was on the spicy side but super tasty, brioche buns might be fashionable in the burger world but you can't beat an old school sesame bun. The burger held together at first but became a bit old sloppy mess by the end - just how they should be! The sweet potato fries were perfectly salty and crunchy. Hannah gave the thumbs up to her double cheeseburger and mixed fries. I'm planning on going back to try a cheeseburger when I'm in a meat-eating mood.

Best street food you've had?


  1. So jealous that you girls got to go here!

  2. Looks delicious. I love the idea of street food becoming big in the UK.

  3. Lol Prada and Primark! You guyz!

  4. Noms! I passed some kind of street food tent when I was in Shoreditch on Friday, wish I had gone in to explore now!


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