Monday, 17 February 2014

Off Piste

Right now, I am probably up a mountain wearing trousers. Yes, that's right. Trousers. Don't expect any holiday outfit posts any time soon but the above picture is probably a very accurate resemblance. Having not skied for ten years I'm hoping that it's just like riding a bike and will all come back within the first hour on the slopes... Failing that I'll be wearing a helmet (safety over helmet hair, folks) and giant goggles so no one will recognise me anyway. In true blogger style, I've packed every moisturiser I own in a bid to stop the mountain air drying my skin and the idea of a week away from the city, tube strikes, constant pouring rain and the little flashing red light on my Blackberry is more worth the style sacrifice of having to wear trousers.

Back with apres-ski tales and, I'm sure, some holiday purchases (can't take a blogger anywhere) soon!


  1. Have fun, II have been enjoying your pics so far!

    Maria xxx

  2. Have fun. Can't wait to hear all about your trip.

  3. Oh have the best time! I've only ever been skiing once - probably about 10 years ago too. I spent most of it on my bum haha.


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