Thursday, 20 February 2014

Insta-Updates: February

I'm still on the slops but by the magic of scheduled posts, February has looked like this so far:

1. Dinner at Wholefoods with my friend L - Mexican salad bowl and a big catch-up on the menu.

2. Zalando Lounge at the W Hotel with Elodie and Aisling...

3. ... followed by Wolf of Wall Street (second time for me). Such a good film - see it right now if you haven't already (but not if you don't like swearing because there is plenty of it).

4. Nutritious and delicious cinema dinner - Popchips, Pretzel M&Ms and the obligatory un-pictured Diet Coke.

5. Chinese New Year.  I will be unusually successful in business.

6. Got my hair cut at the Aveda Institute - so happy with it, even though it is not that different from how my hair was before it was a lovely hour out of the real world catching up on Grazia and the Aveda Institute smells absolutely amazing (definitely the correct basis for picking a hairdresser).

7.Some little treats from Victoria's Secret because, you know, it's been really cold and grey and when do you not need pretty new underwear?

8. Blurred Lines at The Shed with Hannah and Sarah. Great performances and good food for thought on feminism and popular culture today.

9.Spring florals at the Love Fashion blogger event.

10. Krispy Kremes get a Valentine's make-over at the Love Fashion event. 

11. Martin Creed exhibition at The Hayward Gallery with Hannah. One of the best exhibitions I've seen in a long time. The balloon room is immensely fun. Maybe one to avoid if you are easily offended or disgusted though... Some of the exhibits are hard to un-see once you have seen them...

12. Afternoon tea at The Sanderson (nail polish is Barry M) as featured a couple of blog posts back.

How has your February been so far?



  1. Gutted I missed the balloon room now!

  2. Ooh love your hair! Hope you're enjoying the slopes Lily :)

    - Tabitha at Scared Toast x

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous, very swooshy!

    Maria xxx


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