Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Tale of Two Mascaras: Topshop False Lash and Clinque High Lengths

Way back when I started this blog "find perfect mascara" was pretty high on my to-do list. That quest (and the amount of make-up I purchase and wear) have fallen by the wayside of late so I thought I'd go back to blog basis and turn my attention again to what really is an important issue in life (worrying about your sugar addiction and credit card bill can wait until you've read this). 

The Topshop make-up range didn't even exist when this blog started out but its gradually becoming one of my go-to ranges for affordable but good quality products. Its just a shame that the packaging of the range seems to attract every bit of dirt and dust lurking in my make-up bag.

The "False Lash" mascara is around £8 and has a plastic-y bristle brush (contradiction, I know). The brush never comes out the tube clumpy so its nice and quick to apply a couple of coats. For me the brush is a perfect size - great for upper and lower lashes and it hardly ever blobs onto my eyelids which is a key gripe with larger brushed mascaras.

I wouldn't say it really gives a "false lash" effect - its more an everyday mascara which doesn't need much time or effort to apply and lasts the day well. I wore this when I went to see The Wolf Of Wall Street and it didn't budge during that steps scene where I had silent tears of laughter running down my face. It comes off quite easily with my trusted Bioderma.

Clinique High Lengths mascara comes dressed in an unusual white tube and has a brush which I think resembles a palm tree. The long, curved comb looks scary so maybe give yourself an extra five minutes if using for the first time but after that it is so easy to use. The brush makes it really easy to comb the mascara onto lashes while it fans them out and separates.  I have not tried to apply it to my lower lashes and I wouldn't recommend that anyone does really. Clinique do sell a "bottom lash" mascara to get around this issue but I'm sure we all have other mascaras in our collections that would suffice for lower lashes (I hardly ever put mascara on my lower lashes anyway).

I love how this leaves my lashes feeling soft and fluttery. This doesn't flake during the day although after subjecting it to the ultimate mascara test and make-up sin (sleeping in make-up) it had mostly transferred to underneath my eyes by the next morning (lesson that you should never ever ever sleep in your make-up). At £16.50 it is double the price of Topshop's offering but I always fall into the trap of buying two Clinique products and getting the free make-up bag of mini products so I'll forgive it for being more expensive, even if I never actually use those mini freebies.

What mascara are you using at the moment?

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  1. You have amazing eye lashes. Right now I love Green Peoples mascara, it's excellent


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