Friday, 10 January 2014

Theatre Season - Winter 13/14

This winter has been a good one for theatre trips. I'm trying to focus my spending more on "experiences" rather than "things" - I would say that its easier to chat to people about plays that you've seen and are going to see rather than a handbag but we all know that's a lie, I'm a blogger! I can talk about handbags all day. Anyway, I like plays as much as I like shoes and handbags and that's ok. Here's what I've seen lately:

I saw this eight hours after coming home from a crazy weekend in Edinburgh. It was almost three hours long and the subject matter of the play (the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests) was something that I knew very little about but I still didn't fall asleep because it was absolutely amazing. The rotating set and quick cutting between two separate but connected story lines made it one of the best plays I've seen lately. Sad to say that it's not on anymore otherwise it would be top of my "go see this" list.

After seeing Daniel Radcliffe in The Cripple of Inishmann I was excited to see another Harry Potter cast member in a production. The rest of the cast of Mojo isn't bad either - Ben Whishaw was amazing in last year's Peter and Alice. Sadly I felt a bit let down by Mojo, the acting was great but the plot didn't really match it. It has has great reviews so maybe it just isn't my sense of humour (I think it was meant to be funny but I wasn't entirely sure!). I don't have anything against swearing but found the bad language quite excessive (although Ron Weasley dropping the C-bomb did get a laugh). There were funny moments and I couldn't fault the acting but I didn't love this play.  
Henry V was my first proper "thing to do in 2014" - starting the year on a cultural high point! I'm starting to get more into Shakespeare and this is the first historical Shakespeare I've seen - suffice to say I now feel slightly more educated about medieval kings of England. Jude Law was amazing, given that most of his past film roles have been pretty light on the need to act he gave a great performance as a king leading his country into battle with a few epic speeches along the way. There were a few light-hearted scenes to break up all the history and battle-fighting. I'm definitely looking forward to trying to see more Shakespeare this year - bring on the Globe 2014 season (and pray that the rain stays away for it!).

What have you seen at the theatre lately?


  1. oh gosh, i am very very envious! all three of these are definitely in the top 5 of what i've wanted to see and haven't managed to! i'm such a fan of the hampstead theatre's programme, and students get £15 tickets for every show! xo

  2. I loved Mojo! The humour was right up my street!


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