Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Saving the Pennies = Hello, Mulberry!

Remember how my friend P bought me a little piggy bank for my 25th birthday? You're forgiven if you don't, it was almost a year and a half ago...and I thought 25 was old back then. Well, since then, my advancing age didn't allow me to forget my pledge to put all my £1 coins in the little piggy at the end of every week. Last week, I went to put a pound in the slot and it wouldn't go in - meaning that my piggy bank was full! Without bothering to count the money, I acted like a responsible saver and hot-footed it to Mulberry on New Bond Street to reward myself for over a year of diligent saving.

I had loved the pineapple keyring since it first came into stock (#bloggerswearpineapples, don't you know?) but it was originally a little pricey for something that I maybe do not really need in my life. Hannah let me know when it had gone into the sale but I was slightly put off my Mulberry's postal charges for online purchases and still felt like it was maybe a little excessive. However, after seeing Hannah's well-dressed keys and realising that I am now a diligent saver I decided to treat myself!
A Mulberry carrier bag. A guaranteed way to brighten up a dreary London day. Swing happily from your arm and watch as all Mayfair shop assistants are suddenly nice to you because, hello, you can afford that shit (or at least act like you can).
The goods and the cash. It might be a good idea to not actually pay with £1 coins in the store of your choice.

Keys, you're going to be looking good.
And the best part of this tale of money-saving? When I took the coins into Metro Bank to be counted, I didn't have £42 - I had £67. Mulberry and some money left over. That's a good day. Even if if rained.

What should I save for next?


  1. So cute!! The little pig is so adorable and the ananas too!!

    Viky --- MySecretFashionPoison

  2. My Mum and I do this with all our change =)

  3. The perfect purchase lily!

  4. That is such a good idea. The piece you got yourself is so cute.

  5. The perfect choice for a Pineapplette! SO good with your piggy bank savin'. I need to get on this hype and stop spending my spare pounds on chocolate (for more lbs)... x

  6. That's really sweet! Love it.
    Well done on saving and treating yourself, we all work hard so it's nice to spend on treats sometimes.

  7. Lol I agree with Michelle, I need to stop wasting money on snacks!

  8. Aww what a sweet purchase!! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  9. I really need a piggy bank!


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